Update 3.71 Atlas Delay... :(


So we get a notification about the new 3.71 to be released. It’s totally cool to have more players to be added into the World Map… But why doing this during a Beta Training event? I know lots of us got the message right after finishing attacking a base and need to revive their troops and primach.

So this delay in the update will cause us the following thing:

  • Lose a day or so worth of troops trained for this delay
  • Lose the possible xp/glory points earned for primach/rider to get the possible event rewards.
  • Lose more time to summon a new primach (some of us for sure have primaches that need couple of hours to summon.
  • Possible XP earned for dragons
  • Possible Gold/ Crafting gear materials from Gold Mine/Poachers

@PGDave @PGJared. Please take a look at this and think of a way to compensate existing Beta Teams

Thank you


Sorry for the delay @Dakhunter. The team trying to get things fixed back up ASAP. You’ll also need to upgrade to 3.71 to launch Atlas.


I already updated to 3.71. Love to have my starving whale back :smiley: :+1:
now i’m just waiting to have beta again to participate in event


Awesome, the rest is on our end then. I see a gaggle of engineers huddled working on this, so hopefully it won’t be too too much longer. They’re definitely working hard on it now.


Hmmm. I’m imagining you are cracking the whip behind them ain’t you :wink:


I got all the individual beta event prizes but game crashed during 3.7.1 launch notification… Now how do I get the prizes back?


Luckily they’re all very self motivated and want to get it out as soon possible!


Any chance of eithet 1) resetting beta event prizes so I can start again at the beginning of the event again
Or 2) raising the cap to include more tiers? I didn’t even get to train any primarchs before I hit the end :scream:


I finished my beta event in a couple of minutes and would like them to raise it with more rewards as think beta events are easily achievable


Wowsers, sounds like are prize tiers definitely need some additions for next time. Good news is that the next run of the event is in 2 weeks!


It’s live for those with the 3.71 app release installed!


Yeah needs to be revised a bit compared to the standard event point rewards beta event seems a lot easier and they changed it back to a mixture of 12hour speed ups in prizes aswell few events ago only 1hour speed ups there although would like to see maybe some extra sigals in beta rewards if that’s possible


Is there no way it could have more achievers added this event as on430k score and not finished yet and think there should be a top 500 players like there in in main events


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