Update 3.8 Incompatible with Samsung Note 5 (Verizon)



I am a player trying to come back from taking a break. When i tried to update the game I am unable to update because my device is incompatible. I have tried google searching for a solution and have tried everything from changing WiFi connections, clearing cache, uninstalling google play store, restarting, and everything that anyone would suggest. Here are my phones specs.

Manufacturer Samsung
Model n920v
Processor 2.1 GHz
RAM / ROM 4.0 GB / 0 MB
Storage 32 GB
opengl e v3.2
Android v7.0

From my underestanding you ned 1.5GB of RAM, 1.5GHz processor, opengl e 3.0+, and android 4.4+. So why am I unable to download this?


Download the APK file directly from APKPure or another site, it works the same as going from the play store


you can try to clear cache of Google Play and Google Service i think? If you can’t clear its cache, uninstall it and install it again.

others say that when they did this, it worked for them.


I’m on a note 5 and have not had any issues as of yet. As they stated find the apk and try that route. Good luck


Step 1: Smash your phone

Step 2: Buy something that runs iOS


Tried that specifically twice to no avail.


Thank you for the suggestion, was able to grab it from here and it worked!


Then he would still be an incline plain wrapped helically around an axis. Can’t transfer accounts from android to iOS.


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