Update=black screens

So the update has made several players on each of our teams in the alliance get a black atlas screen. Reboots aren’t helping. Letting it sit and attempt to load does nothing either. :face_with_monocle: not much fun considering land grab is tomorrow

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restart device will work. my friend had that issue too

A few other threads have reported this as well; they’re looking at it, but in the meantime, you might need to reinstall, if restarting doesn’t work. Make sure that you have a PocketID if you do (Gear -> Account)!

So far A few have gotten reinstalls to work but they aren’t very thrilled with having to use all that data for the 5 billion atlas files all over again lol

We have 4 players who have restarted and reinstalled with no luck. As new atlas players it’s very disheartening

I have to delete and reinstall the game every day now, because of this shit.

Same, 3 delete and reinstalls since Wednesday… and with any luck I’ll have to do it tonight too :man_facepalming:t3:

Like this one?
Support team told me to change my language. Then reboot, then change it back to English.
End result? Same.
I need to restart game after each attack.
And… it’s either black screen or white screen.

The team has been struggling to reproduce the problem but just got it. Hopefully this will help us get to the bottom of the problem and then get it fixed.


Is this for everyone only happening after attacks in atlas? Could people tell me if it happens every time, or provide more specific steps on what exactly you are doing when it happens?

Yes, it’s usually right after an atlas attack (just invader attacks, haven’t pvped since the update). The weird thing is it doesn’t happen after every attack, just when it does happen, it will be after an attack.

For me it happens when i try to go into Atlas. I can get into WD game but when trying to access Atlas i get the Black screen and then the game completly shuts down and closes.

It happens to me when I try to attack, when I try to transfer to the bank, and when I try to create troops. I get booted from the game and return to a black screen. I am reinstalling daily.

@pgEcho it happens to me occasionally, I’ll tap the mine to go and attack, and the whole background turns black

My teammates are unable to do anything in atlas to my knowledge.

I have had to delete and reinstall the game at least 7 times on my IOS device due to this problem or constant atlas crashes in the last 3 days this is super super annoying.

We have found the root cause of this problem. We will have a fix for this in our 3.91 update coming a bit later this month.


If we all have to keep deleting and reinstalling our app every day you may not have players later this month.

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Yup just happened here. Maybe expanding how many it is effecting

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