Update coming this week?


Hi @PGDave, are we still on schedule for the much needed beta UI update this week? Iā€™m afraid I might go insane if I have to explain how to get around the 3D map any more :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Will this coming update include all the stuff referenced in the 3.70 thread btw?


It is coming out today! And yes, it will include everything referenced in the 3.70 thread :smiley:. The team is already working on 3.71 (a small update for next week) and 3.80 (the next bigger update ā€¦ all usability and visual improvements on the Atlas side for 3.80 for now ā€¦ mechanics changes TBD based on 3,70 feedback).


Will this be an Apple Store update?


Yes, anything in the format of v#.## will be an AppStore update, v3.70 included.


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