Update Dragon Selection order when attacking Guardians

I am not sure why the dragons are not shown in power level order, but it is a little annoying that there is no clear method to the “selecting Attacking Dragon” order.

Please order the dragons by power level for the guardian (and assault - thx Morreion).

Here is my current Orange Tier order:

  1. Slynx 6.2k
  2. Volos 5.9k
  3. Zel’Noth 127k
  4. Kolo 17.2k
  5. Amarok 714k
  6. Luminark 76.5k
  7. Hydron 244k
  8. Noss 112k
  9. Septys 70.8k
  10. Bronze 29.1k
  11. Axi 166k
  12. Ruma 17.2k
  13. Dodopyyr 264k
  14. Habrok 17.8k
  15. Ankor 19.k
  16. Durga 704k
  17. Enki 115k
  18. Lucius 17.8k

Yep it’s a bit chaotic, same in assault


Completely agree, should be ordered by AP at least.

Anyone know how it’s ordered? Or if it’s ordered?


Ugly dragons tend to go around spot 11 from my experience. That’s all I know tho


Would be very convenient for highest AP dragons at the front of the lineup

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It depends on what temple you are hitting

It does, but typically the dragon you want is going to be one of the strongest (highest ap number) look at Noelle in green… right back towards the end of the list