Update: Glory Band changes in Atlas

Greetings Dragon Lords,

We’re making some updates to the way glory is calculated and earned (which will affect glory bands). We listened to your feedback and concerns, and after consulting with some members in GPF, we decided in the spirit of fairness and competition to make the following changes:

  • If the level ratio is 70% or below, the attacker receives 0% glory.
  • If the level ratio is 90% or above, the attacker receives 100% glory.
  • For Example: If an Attacker has level 500 account, they will earn:
    • 0% glory if their target/defender is level 350 or below
    • 25% glory if target/defender is level 375
    • 50% glory if target/defender is level 400
    • 75% glory if target/defender is level 425
    • 100% glory if target/defender is level 450 and above
  • We’ve changed the level cap that will result in 100% glory no matter what the attacker level is. Now, if you successfully attack a target/defender that is level 570+, you will earn 100% glory (previously it was level 550 and above).
  • Team power modifiers and other glory mechanics are unchanged.

What does this update mean:

  1. Less glory for hitting down ( offensive attacks)
  2. No changes on defender glory
  3. No changes on glory in T4&T5 lands
  4. No changes on killing ratios
  5. Hitting up always reward the better glory
  6. Atlas hasn’t changed its rules
  7. Defending your castle still gives 100% no matter who is hitting you

We believe these changes should discourage higher-level players from bullying and easily gaining glory from lower-level players.

The update is not live yet. ETA later today, maybe tomorrow. We want to make sure the changes are tested and QA-ed.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Since there is a lot of confusion around how glory works. Please refer to our help page: https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022577214-Glory-Calculations
We will be updating the “Player level difference” section with these new numbers soon, but the mechanics outlined on this page are up-to-date.


Don’t understand this part :joy::see_no_evil:


When do you these changes go live?


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe currently we have:

  • If the level ratio is 40% or below, the attacker receives 0% glory.
  • If the level ratio is 85% or above, the attacker receives 100% glory.

Currently all level 550+ are worth 100% glory, no matter who’s attacking them. That threshold will now be raised to 570+


Just one question. if the attacker is 350 and the defender 500. what will happen? I hope the defender wins glory, many can help the attackers. It would not be fair to those who defend not to win glory. The defender should always win 100%.

a cordial greeting



Great start IMO, but was this ever looked at? Some good stuff in regards to bullying.


@PGGalileo just to confirm, if a lvl 100 traps me I get 0% glory? (I am lvl 628)


Yes, but that has been true for years, unfortunately. I honestly feel hitting somehow who intentionally trapped you should always be full glory regardless of level or power rank, but that’s not currently a mechanic


Also, is this on all castles or are 4s and 5s still 100% glory?


Please don’t make PG re-design this game from scratch. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Plus friends are made over the 7+ years they been here. How to terminate their friendship? :flushed::thinking:

So if a low level comes to our fort and hits us we get no glory for defending ourselves? Makes no sense. Also if we hitting and the team calls in the small players to trap us we get no glory for hitting them to free ourselves? Sorry but seems like your ruining atlas again with these changes.


These are new glory bands, just percentages changing. It’s not changing the way trappers work, the way t4 and t5 castles work, or any other mechanic. Just the percentages and the full glory level.


So team rank has no impact on glory any more?


Thank you!:heart:

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Seriously? A percentage changed and it’s ruining the game?

All these posts asking about mechanics that literally have been the same for years make me wonder if any of you even play the game.



Please check my previous replies



Low level taunters protecting castles it is then


is it still 100% on T4 and T5 no matter what level is defender?

edit: just saw Mors post, it doesnt changes :ok_woman:t2:

Seems that way