Update has deleted my inbox and sent mail


I updated to vs 3.80 today and lo and behold all my normal mails are gone. System and news mails are still there, but not my normal sent and inbox mail. Anyone else have this issue? Force quit a couple times, and sent a mail, no change.

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Version 3.80 Release Notes

Same issue. Deleted and reinstalled the game, still gone.


I don’t have that issue (mainly because the update hasn’t shown up in my app store yet). I REALLY hope it doesn’t happen to me though. It’d be nice if PG can figure out what caused that glitch.


Same issue. And I’m rather upset - I had some things I’d saved.


Tagging @PGMichael because I think this also falls under systems? Kind of an ambiguous term :man_shrugging:t3:


I have the same issue! It’s really upsetting as I too have saved emails. I hope they fix this soon!


Same here. I’m on android and I just updated an hour or two ago.


This is a known issue that our team is hard at work on. We’ve been tackling this since the update went live. As soon as I have more info I’ll post it here.


Thanks! This has been an issue for several of my teammates, although this bug magnet has avoided it somehow. Perhaps because I am on ios10.3.3? Doubtful, but you never know…


I thought I saw a post earlier, but not able to find it, so will post here as well.

Every time I hit ‘Reply’ to a mail, I get kicked out of the game. Android or iOS.



Any update on this?


Now my inbox is being filled with system mail on RSS transfers


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