Update: Issues With War & Atlas Attacks (5/6)

Dragon Lords,

We apologize for the issues you encountered with not being able to carry out your War attacks or Atlas attacks during our conflicting small updates yesterday. The team resolved this issue this morning, and as a result, all Wars that started at 5pm PT on Tuesday May 5th, have been canceled and all trophies were returned.

If you were affected by the issue, we will be sending compensation out shortly to you to make up for the troubles you experienced during your War and Atlas attacks.

I will be closing related topics and pointing them here!

Note: I will be keeping this thread open instead of closed so the conversation can happen here! I had originally closed it so that I could figure out the right way to give this convo an official space without it being in a million places, and decided that this would be the best place for it.

Great… so what’s with the piss poor apology?

Genuine question - what else would you have liked to see in the apology?

Something comparable to the resources actually used?!!? Not to mention time lost.


Something meaningful… nothing in the apology really helps me. It certainly won’t make up for the fact the my team won’t be in D1 next week now as a result of your companies mess up. It doesn’t make up for the fact that I barely slept last night watching for Defence banners. It doesn’t make up for the lack of work I got done because I spent half of it staring at my stupid phone. It certainly doesn’t make up for the hundreds of hammers some of my team mates used last night…


I understand where you are coming from - however, there were a lot of people affected by the outage and so unless we apologize to everyone individually, we’re not going to really cover the scope of the problems people faced in a single post. Some people were affected very little, and some a ton. Some people might be like “what’s the big deal?” and some people might be like “Nothing you say will be good enough!” – these and reactions in between are all valid. That’s quite the spectrum to cover, y’know?

But since we’re talking now, I am sorry that you lost sleep, time, and resources on this, that’s a huge bummer. I’m not sure if I were in your position that any apology could make up for those things - sleep and time specifically are not so easy/impossible to recover!


Perhaps scale apology by league? Double that per league above bronze would at least be closer to being appropriate.

So diamond gets the least, platinum gets the most?
Why would they scale by league? You’re not using more hammers than an active platinum or sapphire team. In fact lower leagues should get more because they have WAY more wars than Diamond does


I can certainly suggest it! I’m still not super informed about Atlas etc. so if it makes sense, I bet we’d consider it.

Maybe… but this wasn’t about how often you war, it’s about how active you are in general and over the course of the current issue. In general I just want them to increase the apology for everyone. But if the justification for not doing that is that it effected too many people (implying not everyone deserves a better apology) then this was the compromise that popped into my mind. I’m open to other solutions.

And what about the impact to league rank? Teams who were already in wars that got cancelled could be majorly impacted and as a result change leagues at the next reset. An apology gift of 3 gold chests in no way addresses this!

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How about 50 platinum chests and we’re even :crazy_face:


The proper way to handle it would be to give the max compensation to everyone then, whether they lost that many or not. It’s not like any of this stuff costs them a dime so go for the high end of the scale rather than the low end. Better to give some extra than to cheat some


Well, speaking for our experience with the Atlas problems, they cost us at a bare minimum perhaps 300k troops, not counting those lost by the other teams in our alliance, and a castle that game errors refused to allow us to conquer. Despite the fact that we submitted video evidence to Support of us attempting to conquer the castle, and meeting all the requirements necessary to conquer it.

Somehow, I don’t expect that Support will grant us the castle (again, despite the clear evidence sent to them), or replace all our lost troops, despite the fact that that would be the bare minimum just to get us back what the issues cost us.

So while I sympathize with your position, Galileo - I’ve had to deal with angry players myself, in the past - I won’t deny I’m deeply frustrated. What should have been a significant advantage for our team became a significant disadvantage, because of these issues, and while the apology gift is nice and all, it does almost nothing to ameliorate the damage done, whether in terms of in-game resources, player morale, or confidence in PG.


The biggest thing is an apology gift costs PG nothing. So giving a gift that has 15 hammers for war is rediculous. 3 gold chests blah. Some people use more than 15 hammers defending 1 war attack. Plus the issue was noticed last night and nothing said or done about it till wars were 5 hours or so left. How about doing a scale of points to the team from where they were at in winning. Oh we give you medals back that doesn’t help. If you don’t play the game as much you wouldn’t understand the extra effort and time and lack of sleep people do for their teams.

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Well I agree, but they already rejected that so…

Mem0ries already admitted they lost to yall so thats fuked

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Seems like pg doesn’t care about communication again. Canceling things without informing the people that play their game. Shows how much they really care. Then they are nice enough to send you a tiny amount of resources that you used during the entire event. It’s just them spitting in your face and saying they care about you. When does the year of the player start?


I think this is a totally reasonable time to feel frustration, so I get it - and no sympathy needed for me (though I do appreciate the kind words :smiley: ) solving problems for players and building trust is exactly what I love doing – and in this line of work, managing frustrating situations is part of the job description.