Update made invader base ballista OP?



Well, I do a lot of invader runs, and I get hit with ballista supershots sometimes and usually they’re a bummer, take maybe 1/4 of my dragon’s health. But ever since I updated today, if a dragon gets hit with ballista supershot they go from full health to dead within seconds.

Like I said, I’ve been hit by ballista supershots before the update and I fared just fine. Now it’s a death sentence. Anyone else having this issue?

@PGCrisis @Arelyna


Woah…those are significant numbers😱


They already fixed the ballistas



Clearly not… I just recorded those a minute ago.


Try doing a hard restart of your app, mine are fixed already.


I did, uninstalled and reinstalled and ballista supershots are still messed up. @PGJared


Always make a full restart of the phone between uninstalling and reinstalling the app, otherwise changes might not apply, learned it hard way with the help of support before.

Or maybe PM DragonPunch as suggested :slight_smile:


Mine is fixed without doing anything.


it happens again - harbinger drags being hit by 51 ballistas crush down quite quickly !!??:cry:


As of 2-3 hours ago Ballistas are only doing 1/5 dmg they should be doing for me


1/5 of 0 is still 0 isn’t it?


Ill have to check my calculator but i believe so… 0 is infinity also but where did 0 come from?


Can’t upload the 6 second video here but I let axi get hit by them all to test and he died on first Long Island of invader quick :see_no_evil: oof


Is it bc mine are not dealing damage over time? Its almost like they are dealing only projectile dmg and no poison dmg


Not sure if they’re messing around with values or something, but seems like every so often I’m seeing this. If you’re expecting it, it’s not hard to adjust, but last night ballistas were doing the usual minimal damage and this morning they dropped visible ticks from a single shot.

I don’t really care what damage level they land at, but this one day useless, the next day powerful thing needs to be fixed.


My ballistas stay in storage, so do the ones i kill invader. No issues here😳


So I noticed a little later this morning that I was also getting rubies instead of chests… After a few rounds of the delete and reinstall dance, both problems seem to have gone away. Possibly related data corruption weirdness at this point?


This morning ballista damage was again through the roof.


My Ballistas are still not working, they are dealing only damage from projectiles and not dealing damage over the duration of time that dragon is poisoned.

I dont complain about much but i put up with too much ridicule over the past couple years about ballistas to just be quiet and watch them become the literal garbage rage builder towers that everyone has said about them.

Plz just fix… and turn on enervating/ weakening, there is no way that they are OP even if applied to overall stats… just make it apply like a totem and when poison ends then its same as totem being destroyed. Specials like this are what the game needs IMO, the original towers need specials that give them some edge because they still wont be better than flaks :man_shrugging: so no problemo