Update made invader base ballista OP?



Well, I do a lot of invader runs, and I get hit with ballista supershots sometimes and usually they’re a bummer, take maybe 1/4 of my dragon’s health. But ever since I updated today, if a dragon gets hit with ballista supershot they go from full health to dead within seconds.

Like I said, I’ve been hit by ballista supershots before the update and I fared just fine. Now it’s a death sentence. Anyone else having this issue?

@PGCrisis @Arelyna


Woah…those are significant numbers😱


They already fixed the ballistas



Clearly not… I just recorded those a minute ago.


Try doing a hard restart of your app, mine are fixed already.


I did, uninstalled and reinstalled and ballista supershots are still messed up. @PGJared


Always make a full restart of the phone between uninstalling and reinstalling the app, otherwise changes might not apply, learned it hard way with the help of support before.

Or maybe PM DragonPunch as suggested :slight_smile:


Mine is fixed without doing anything.