Update mess up .....again 😐

It took almost 12 hours for the update to land . During this time I was not able to get into the event , or take part in two wars . This hasent been an issue in the past . But it is now .
Would someone explain to me the maths and general thinking behind making a update during a event please . Let alone not to king the update to land at the same time for all players . This is extremely frustrating and will cause further issues if it occurs again

PG teams can’t control when the update is available for everyone, so it can take up to 24 hours to appear on your device. We don’t know when they submitted this update to Apple or Google store, and ultimately it’s the stores that roll the update. Unfortunately for you this update may have rolled later than usual and it caused you issues. Just bear in mind that PG only have the limited input of submitting the update to both stores, maybe stating if it’s urgent or not, they can’t actually push the “live” button for this update for every player. As far as we know that update could have been submitted on Monday or last week. This is not always PG’s fault.

Just playing the the devil’s advocate here, what I said until proven are just opinions, I kinda don’t like having unilateral ideas and prefer to leave room for doubt. Not everything we see is black or white, just infinite shades in-between…

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anything that isn’t PC will take time for the updates to land.

PC games can give patch every minutes if the devs wants to, but on consoles or mobile games, it’s pretty much the decision of microsoft, sony, Apple and Google Play of when they will approve and launch the updates on every country that is available for the game.

I don’t understand how not having the update caused you to miss part of the event or wars. Updates now have no impact on wars as they are all compatible with each other - so no more issue with not being able to join runs of teammates or defend opponents who are on a different game version than you.

Updates also don’t impact events - at all. So I’m not sure what the problem is here, but it isn’t likely to be the update. Did you raise a ticket?

I couldn’t join a teammate’s xp runs yesterday twice in a row, so maybe there’s a link somewhere? It kept saying that the connection was poor but both our connections were fine flying solo…

One of my teammates no longer has the invite button after the update.

However I think he’s a bit of an anomaly and there will always be a rare few who have issues. PG can’t really withhold updates for a rare minority.

And they have released the last 2-3 without impacting the ability to defend different versions. (Standing ovation)

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