Update on Cheaters

Hey Dragon Lords!

As some of you may have noticed, we have not posted an announcement about a ban wave in quite some time. We wanted to take the time to let everyone know that we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to actively identify and eliminate cheaters in our game.

With the help of some of our engineering team, we’ve implemented some new processes for the PX team to utilize in the fight against cheaters. These new processes have eliminated the need for huge ban waves as cheaters now are being removed on a daily basis, in many cases within minutes or hours of their first attempt to cheat. With that said, we are still looking for ways to improve our processes and tools so that we can catch even more people that may have been missed by our current tools. If you think you may have found a cheater, please continue to submit tickets to our support team for investigation because this helps us identify what we can improve in our tools as well as make sure the cheater is not in the game.

We thank everyone for their help in keeping War Dragons cheater-free!


I feel a great thrill in the Force, as if millions of cheaters’ voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I believe something wonderful has happened.

Seriously though, it’s always a good day when cheaters are given the hammer. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!


Inserts image of a person raising a toast :clinking_glasses:

Thanks for all the hard work to quash those pesky cheaters who ruin the game for the rest of us!




Glad to hear reports weren’t ignored and something was being done. I hope your new tool can catch those or includes those spamming hammers beyond belief.


Sounds like Joey Greco is on the case.

Happy to read this announcement!
And all the best to find ways to continue improving the detection. Cheaters ruin the game (any game), and I think we all support banning them for good

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And yet, the most notorious hacker in the game goes free. >:(


Shhhhh :shushing_face: The GPF needs you :sweat_smile:


What about blatant cheating like this? I just found this one today.

I have reported 2 or 3 bases like this where the player is level 101 or so and they have a level 59 tower. They are still in the game. I would keep reporting them, but it doesn’t seem to help so I won’t waste my time.

I use to see like 3-4 a day in matchmaking when I was around level 100 myself. I don’t see them as often now that I am in the 130s.


Please keep reporting them.

As stated earlier, there will still be some players that are missed by our current tools. We are still working on adding in new features and processes to these tools.

I just sent a ticket reporting 3 of these (#1588340), all found just within the last few minutes.

It is just frustrating that even after taking the time to report them, nothing has been done. I reported 2 about 2 weeks ago and I know that at least one is still active in the game because I bookmarked the base. I wouldn’t think there would need to be a lot of time needed to investigate since it is just not possible to have a level 59 tower at level 101.

Hopefully the tools you have added can be updated soon to find these bases. There are a lot of them out there. And I do realize there are other cheaters that cause much more havoc in the game then these teamless players that don’t seem to have much impact. Just frustrating to see such obvious cheating.

You must improve cheat detector

I think that some of them stil alive in high leaque and know that you will detect them thus they will decrease comsume RSS that they cheat to avoid detector

Improve and fix it
Its not fair for others people


What do I look for when seeing a cheat? My level 128 alt comes across those same exact bases all the time that have 59 towers next to a level one farm or something. I thought they were xp bases as they were max xp but I can’t hit them except with Ember and that doesn’t help.

Right…the other huge issue with cheating is there is almost zero tangible punishment for it. People can just start again and teams retain any of the progess obtained without any consequence.


You mean the progress obtained between the cheat and the ban?
If they deliver on promises (I know…) that shouldn’t be a huge issue.
Now if the algorithm fails, that’s another story

Shouldn’t it be pan? :thinking:


I call bs on this post, PG could easily fix 50% of hacks if they wanted to in a single day.

P.S. Absurd accounts like this are still not banned


Also stop mentioning banning like thats even a solution, the hacks shouldnt be allowed to happen in the first place. Games that came out in recent months have better protection than WDs.


Maybe PG is going with witchcraft?


Actually, 6 months ago there were few teams full of these bases, one even made it to plat, so those you find teamless , some of them are from teams that got banned