Update on Perch 3 Timer Cost

Hey all,

We wanted to make you aware of an upcoming change to Perch 3 pricing. When Summer Season launches (June 1), we will be reducing Perch 3 timer cost to be consistent with Perch 1 and Perch 2 costs. Currently Perch 3 requires more timers.

Please be aware that this upcoming change will not take effect this fort, but with the launch of Summer Season, so just keep this in mind as you plan the rest of your season.



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Fantastic news to hear :raised_hands: thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the fix and for the early announcement!




So what if you already have them all to the top level available


Well then it doesn’t really matter what they cost anymore, just like with the discounts.



Crap I literally just took my perch 3 up last week :smiley:

My timing sucks lately - even last night I free instant raided a beast only to have it escape :joy::joy::joy:

Good change though :slight_smile:


This impacts maybe 5% of the population and the rest of us could basically care less and most are years from opening that perch……:man_shrugging:
It speeds up the meta at near end game and that’s a good thing ? Lmao yeah not exactly……

It does not provide balanced competitive play it is basically a catch up mechanic for near end game to allow for more rapid expansion and further elimination under this unbalanced objective……
Like all catch up mechanics they help new players so they are viewed favorably by the community……. when the reality is catch up mechanics should not be used as prevalently as we see here and they only lead to even more rapid elimination and more efficient churn and burn they are a bandaid not the solution…… yet here we are ……dependent upon them for balance! I’m sorry that’s sad and pathetic….

And even better yet they don’t seem to make the invite button viable do they!?
Exactly because they don’t actually help….:rofl:lmao

They target and assist a particular group of play styles and minimally impact other play styles but they do not actually help player retention as we can plainly see……

And yes I’m aware of the positives that these all so important catch up mechanics provide but no sadly long term they do not offset the loss that elimination that the poorly implemented mechanics have created here…… :man_facepalming::boom:


Stonespear? Which is “the 3rd?”

Third from the base island?
Third from the start of the base when you fly?

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Yep this update is pretty dang pointless… Yet again Pg refuses to listen to people with Common Sense. Cause they are honestly trying to delay the inevitable by running away from another known problem instead of fixing it these pearls we still have are still rotting away for example same goes for the other Draconic situation.

This update would have been better done around 3 years ago. Just makes it seem they keep running from responsibility.

I need to double check the numbers but this saves a boatload of timers for anyone who has a perch on 3. Sure, it would be nice if they did it sooner, but at the end of the day it’s a universally positive change

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They haven’t addressed many of the other issues with this game though they could of knocked the update out of the park if they introduced another way to get rid of Black pearls.

So you blame them for making a good change? Yeah, I’d love for a thousand other problems to get fixed, but you have to start somewhere. For example, the auto-battle changes, ending the event page earlier, etc.


This. The one covering islands 7 and 8.


Thank you for the update and thank you for the in-game email. It’s nice getting more communication inside the game.


Thank you so much pg. another update that will only benefit “that TA”


My perches are maxed. I never noticed a difference in timer cost. Nether did you. Calm down.


Where did I complain about it?
I’ll probably never level up my 3rd perch so this doesn’t affect me one way or the other