Update on Perch 3 Timer Cost

This kind of whataboutism is just silly. It’s like saying why did you bother to fix a broken doorknob while there is a war going on in ukraine and there’s hunger in the world. Both the scope of the issues and the skillset required to deal with them are wildly different.


no mate its like fixing the door knob on the door you are taking to the skip tomorrow both are pointless.

i see why people like it i do but its not something that was broken.

What skillset was needed to see after a few years that a few timers needed sorted on the last perch?

what skillset was needed to foresee that with ss chests draconics could yield a pretty healthy bang for your buck.

the whole department has taken a few years off at the same time

i get it but they all add to the rate the haves leave the rest behind.

The game needs more relevant players close or at end game for it to be fun not a couple of alts folk make to fill rosters and have some light relief from the politics and season long resource hoarding exercise.

The 3d perch was more expensive on purpose . They agreed to lower the cost . Honestly talking to you is pointless

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Then don’t no harm no foul don’t upset yourself

sorry i missed the topic asking for this can you link it please.

I think the difficultly I have with this change is this. It IS a Positive change. No doubt. But it’s a change to something that very very few people will interact with. Levelling up that perch is usually only done by people who have maxed towers and whose only progression is moving onto multiple long islands.

Yeah it’s a nice change but it changes nothing for so many people. This would be an amazing change along with other changes that affect more people. Or an indication of other changes coming. Because it does feel a bit like they made a small change to say “hey we are reducing costs” whilst reducing the smallest amount of costs possible.

Actually that sums it up for me I think. This feels like a token change rather than something that genuinely hits the big issues we have been talking about for years. It’s a good change but it misses the point


There is no need for this , pg gets feedback from different channels

i see…well I’m glad the ‘we’ are satisfied i wonder whoever can the ‘we’ be…more power to the we we’s…lol

no worries eff…take it easy and have fun

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Pg gets feedback via :
PM’s in forums

Honestly this is the last post I am replying to you.

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If 700 days then it’s a decent small change. Screen I shared was before the change went live, directly after the notice went out so couldn’t have been pulling new info yet. Site might be off I guess.