Update: Team Glory From Castle Guards

Greetings Dragon Lords,

Guard swaps have long been a part of the War Dragons metagame, but we don’t regard it as a good part. Guard swaps detract from the competitive aspect of Atlas. We’re changing the mechanics to guard swaps less self-sustaining.

When Castle Guards award Team Glory, guard swapping essentially pays for itself. Starting next week, Castle Guards will no longer give Team Glory; they will only give individual players glory.

Glory and conquest,
The Atlas Team

Let us know if you have any questions!


So a team that is constantly attacked to a point where it Can all but defend, will no longer get glory, and will have no way to hire castle guards and thereby lose castles!

How is that fair?


Y’all need to learn to read before you write.


The individual will still get glory just no team glory in the kitty for guards.

To address LadyShadow’s question, in that position your own guards dying never provided glory. I’m sure I’m missing something but I’m not sure this change affects that situation like you think it does.


The point isn’t individual, its team glory. You spend thousands of troops conquering a castle, killing players and guards, only to find you get less than 50% value back as team glory to then have to hire guards? If that’s the point, guards should be free on castles and not cost glory.

guards = 15k troops for 11.5k glory
players = 15k troops maybe 5k-9k glory

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decent change…but this is for sure a benefit to long standing atlas active teams.

If a team has 100M team glory…they can continue to do guard swaps…because they have such massive reserves.
Teams that use glory swaps to replenish guards…will in turn have to become far more atlas active or risk losing castles.
Even if they dont do swaps any more…they just dont have reserves unless they become active.

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So just to be make sure Im understanding the wording; we hit a team’s guards, we still get glory for the attack BUT our team doesnt earn team glory, correct?


Yes thats right


Thats how I am reading it…

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I think the main driver for swaps is that for small teams there are far too many player and team enforced rules about who you can and can’t hit and when you can do these hits in case there is retaliation.

For many players atlas is a political nightmare to navigate requiring them to cross reference multiple excel spreadsheets for 30m before even doing a hit.

I think all this change does is make atlas even more stagnant and less rewarding for smaller teams.

All we will see is more player v player swaps instead of player vs CG swaps.

Surely player v player swaps are no better than CG swaps?

In my view it’s best to treat the problem and not bandaid it.


I see infinite guard swaps :eyes:


Get your team glory elsewhere. :man_shrugging:


oooo, I want to see that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :drooling_face:


I guess time will tell but I see teams being really short on glory unable to hire guards soon.

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Ok. At first I thought it was saying no more glory for guards period, you still get glory for going out and hitting primes

Think of it like this, you only get team glory for killing players, which means if you buy/sell/trade castles a lot, you have to do a lot more player killing. That or if you’re a small team who doesn’t kill players, you cannot refill your castle guards.

Also reduces castle turn over because you cannot sell them for guards.


Always a good move to make this game even more work for the players. Great move.


I think you’re just trying to kill the game at this point :joy:
What player base are you listening to? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. You say that it isn’t an intended mechanic, but neither was sniping? Why aren’t you encouraging teams raiding with more than 5k troops? You’re not actually addressing the root issues, it’s like you’re changing things just for the sake of saying “but look! We did a thing!”

Bring back portals :heart:


I do have to agree, this is a complaint from the vocal minority that has been trying to dictate how people are supposed to play. There are multiple more important issues that were never intended yet this is the one they choose to focus on.

I do agree somewhat with the idea of you should be out hitting and not just relying on guard swaps but this change affects a lot more than just guard swaps. Especially smaller teams that only have a few castles that get hit constantly they often dont have the troops to both defend and go out hunting. This just makes it nearly impossible for them to rehire their guards.


Why is everyone focusing on smaller teams here?
Let’s talk Diamond and Sapphire teams glory swaps, which will do 15-20mil CG during pvp. If you ask me block ability to drop shield during pvp and remove glory swaps all together with that

Might encourage people to actually hunt for glory vs showing up to hit guards