Update the forge with new items

It’s been a little while since the last update to the forge happened. There are hundreds of new spells and resists out there now that can’t be forged. But the main thing I would like to see added is BULLHORNS. These things are so hard to save up lol. Right now you can buy them. Or you can get a handful of them in atlas events. Or if you are lucky you’ll get 2 from atlas chests.


Ooh I want flak and turret resists too please

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I want to be able to craft the 100% XP boosts, they’re not worth 50 rubies a piece.


My forge slots are completely filled with 48H timers.
I would have a very difficult time making anything else given the lack of any way to grind timers in a meaningful way.


In the forge there’s a forge tab and a gear tab, what about a timer tab?


Also, if possible, let the option be available to non atlas players as well (so that they can get a “head start” when getting the access)


The forge should just be renamed to the clock factory. I’d like either an upgrade or a defensive rider skill that shorted the forging time on items. Not crazy but maybe like 10% or 20%


PG recently introduced 1- and 2-day speedups, with improved forging efficiencies. It would be great if even longer speedups were introduced with yet better forging efficiencies, like a 7-day speedup taking 11 days to forge… or even a 60-day speedup taking 60 days! (Dream on…) :sweat_smile:


Ha! Would be nice if timers were forged I’m real time for sure! 1 hour =1 hour, 3 hour 3 hours… 12 hours etc… :grin:

But wait we must change atlas primarchs system and ban spells because that’s a priority right meow… :+1:


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Not so funny meow, is it? https://youtu.be/NZkKsGtrW88
Daily offers are broken.
Bounty Harbor is worthless.
Forge is old and stuck forging timers only.
No new research.
Net timers removed from the game.
They are still searching for ways to nerf Surt.
They want kudos for fixing broken events and megaquit which were problems they created and ignored for months or years.
But hey, gotta disable war cry right meow and leave it broken for weeks, months?



If I could like this post more I would deff give it to you right meow!

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The only thing I forge is chain lightning and death gaze, but I’d love to be able to forge bullhorns. Great suggestion

War cry is disabled for a good reason, it’s broken and does way too much damage. They said they have a fix for it which will come out in the next update. Tuesday maybe?

Edit: Thanks Morri. So a couple weeks then

They said mid July, so a few weeks is right.


How much damage do you think megaquit did to the PvP events for years, but hey. That was in PG’s favor so no rush, right?

The more important part:

No rush again to fix something they don’t feel is critical to the game. (IE PG’s income stream.)

What the hell does mega quit have to do with the forge? Obviously you just like to find things to complain about, jeez, this is why I rarely come to the forums anymore. Thanks for the reminder.


I think what this person was honestly trying to say here that what matters to the players isnt always what matters to pg. I dont think they were literally making a comparison to the mega quits. I could be wrong though :woman_shrugging:.


PG does what is good for PG. Clearly they have enough loyal customers and/or churn so they can implement a “Adapt or quit” business model.

Bullhorns in the forge would be nice but I suspect enough folks buy them that it won’t happen or if they were added it would be like timers today. Painfully slow enough not to affect their income stream.

This is the most expensive and at the same time worst managed video game I’ve ever tried to like. The QOL team had over 6 months just to address the lack of grindable timers in the game and still no response. When my complaints become petty and minor I’m ready to accept that criticism. Until then,

I’ll be right here tapping away, advocating for changes that are good for the players.

PGJared AMA, because why not? Look at the top 2 posters to that thread or better yet read the whole thing…

Bonus points to anyone who actually notices what that poor cat googled.

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In for response as well :popcorn::popcorn: