Update: Tier 19 Dragons on Perches

Tier 19 dragons currently do zero damage on perches. This is a known issue and we’ll deploy a fix as soon as possible. Given that few players perch legendary dragons, we don’t expect this to cause much of an issue.

The expected timeline for this fix will be several weeks away. We’ll make note of the fix in a future release update.


Funny, verdant dragons it was the opposite. They did too much

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Crap, I literally just bonded the warrior onto my perch, saw the damage and then saw this topic.

Did that cost you anything?

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Just the cost to upgrade the perch. But it is a tower that doesn’t deal damage now for 24hrs which helps attackers

Unfortunately, it also makes your base DP go crazy but only as a visual glitch.
The damage switches back and forth from 0 to crazy billions


Good thing i didnt bother to put that warrior on my perch yet :see_no_evil:

That’s why I saw someone with -98000000B DP :joy:

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Subject to changes :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: as per T&C

So will the dragon switch on the mythic buffs at some point?

They already have the mythic buffs. The issue is their damage


Neat. Thanks.

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