Update Value Pack teammate gifts

The gifts teammates receive when you buy a Value Pack really needs to be updated. It hasn’t changed in the 4 years since WD has started. Either the amounts need to be increased or the contents modified.

How about 6 sigils of whatever season we are in instead of 6 rubies?


Wait. I thought most of us are crazy about sigils OCD, so that they complained for lack of 3 sigils?
Can we make it 10 instead?
And 5 sigils for small pack.


Yes! For the sake of my sanity the sigil count needs to end in a 5 or a 0 :sob: How about:

5 sigils for a $5 pack
10 sigils for a $20-$50 pack
15 sigils for the $100 packs

(Pack prices rounded up to nearest whole dollar.)


This may sound crazy, but what about 6 sigils AND 6 rubies :scream:

Don’t get greedy. :crazy_face:


Playerbase: Please update value packs :pray:t2:
PG: (Thinking critically) Wait a second, UI is more important, those chests need an animation!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Off topic question here:
If i buy two value packs 100 bucks, can i still get the blue and orange evolution stone for ember? Or i must buy 20 dollars pack to get the blue stone?

Keep on dreaming my brothers and sisters.

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I think so. But the orange stone was in a $99 pack, I believe

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Not just the gift the location and side effect of buying by mistake a 100$ pack that you don’t want…

The location and possibility for mistake when you claim prize is really annoying. We should be able to claim all prize then have an in between step to bring us to the buying pack location.

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