Updated bonus per castles info?

@PGDave do you happen to have an updated spreadsheet for bronze 5 - platinum 1 bonus in atlas.
The old sheet that was posted on the 4.0 update seems to be outdated now.

Are you looking for an updated spreadsheet like this? (Sourced from Dave)

I think it might have some slight rounding errors but I see this posted everywhere but the forums. (Updated version might be in the forums too)

Yes that’s the one that’s in the 4.0 post it’s outdated and wrong info now.

It’s not the one in the post you linked. What specific thing is outdated? It matches up with my bonuses.

Notice platinum 1 shows 1500 tokens in previous versions but the one I posted shows 2111

Yes your right the numbers are off by a few digits. My fort says a different number now that I look at it. I guess it’s fine.

There are rounding differences between that chart and the in-game values, but should be pretty accurate. For now.

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