Updated Code of Conduct - Please Read

Hello all,

We have recently updated the Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct

Please read :slight_smile:


Trolling isn’t allowed?? You’ve just took out like 1/3 of the people on the forums.


Thread bumping isn’t allowed? What happens if a very critical issue in the game needs attention? Possibly a bug when defended which is arguably the main part of this multiplayer game. Such as this:

If this was a new addition* (it isnt), it is clearly a response to my thread. A better response would be fixing it before adding on useless stuff like perch resistances which you had to scrap. I will continue to bump my thread till you fix it or ban me, your incompetency baffles me pg.


I have a question @PGGalileo concerning the Underage statement

  • “Underage Players - Our terms of service require all players to be age 13 or older. Any players found to be under 13 will be permanently banned from the game and their account deleted.”

Though it says that all players under the age of 13 will be banned, the game is advertised as Rated “E.”

To make it more aligned with this rule, why is the game not rated “T” instead?


Sigh. Thread bumping has been in the Code of Conduct since 2018.


looks at office hours

Oh all good:) As long my frustrations are heard and Pg is at least working to solve it, I am fine with it!


Well… I think good-humoured banter is allowed but that’s such an old fashioned notion rarely seen these days…

I suppose what trolling actually means here is seriously disruptive behaviour to antagonize people, for instance.

At least I hope I’m not going to be in trouble for teasing friends and acquaintances on the forums… They started it! :eyes:

  • Cheating - Discussion or promotion of cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs without staff approval.

So if staff approve cheating can do it???
(This is a ironic post, I do not condone or support cheating)


Might be worth to add Witchhunting, or how it is called (when screenshots of player who MIGHT be cheating are posted, instead of reports to staff). Although not sure that people who do this are reading and follow that Code (as all others who violate it regularly), but it might be less evident thing not to do.

This is not new either, it was there before.

Call Out threads aren‘t allowed but if it‘s not in the CoC they should probably add it.
EDIT: I think numerous paragraphs address this issue: Be respectful, Offensive behavior, bullying, personal attacks… I guess any of them would work.

Also I think creating threads to intentionally spread misinformation recently became a hot topic as well (DF Glyph thread). Not sure how to deal with that, maybe renaming thread titles or adding a disclaimer can prevent creating an angry mob or misinformed players.


Hmm is cheating miswritten?

Also it’s about time trolls get what’s coming too them but if I were too spare some it would have too be the good ones. Which is a 50/50 chance I think.

Its weird that the game is rated E (for everyone) and yet people can get banned if under 13. :sweat_smile:Might want to change that in app store. I have listened to too many lil kids on league chats.


Same here I’ve seen 12 year olds on this game.

It would be helpful when updating these in the future (including ToS, Privacy, etc) to include a date next to sections that have been changed and when. That way we can glance when a change is announced and find the appropriate sections that require our attention.


Maybe they purposefully dont do that to encourage people to read/re-read over the entire CoC :man_shrugging:


That is a given, but to know where changes were made (not necessarily what those changes were down to specifics) is helpful to see quickly what the new rules are. It is on the user to know the rules anyways.


Please don’t update a thread over and over asking for PG response.

Can you elaborate, please…

Have a thread that pertains to Player Retention and New Players, with a PG employee that is actively, on and off, participating in thread. This is a serious topic in my opinion, why created it, and until see real and viable changes in this, will keep thread going, and having PG involved in it is important would think, unless are not interested in retaining player base, and bring new ones in. If not, then guess is on you, and will stop trying help this game :woman_shrugging:

If going to make changes, like with the underage portion, then need to make the appropriate change on your end as well, and agree with few others that have stated already, that need to make game rated T verses E to back up change.

Also: Cheating - Discussion or promotion of cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs without staff approval.

Does these mean we can not discuss any of things, though is in your best interest to address them, especially if is causing problems with game?

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There are many that are much younger then that even :roll_eyes:

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