Updated Egg Token Cost


I am trying to find the updated token cost for following. Does anyone know updated breeding path reflecting this or any other source for the updated cost info.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 7.07.07 PM

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You can find the up to date breeding costs on my site:


Not as a convenient single page yet, you’ll have to look up each dragon and then check the parents for the cost.

ps. The path itself is still fine!


Thanks. Does the cost include latest discount introduced by PG?

Yes, it’s been updated with the latest files yesterday.

There will always be a line at the bottom of the page with the date of the latest update you can check if unsure if it’s up to date or not.

edit: ermm… except in this case I seem to have forgotten to update the date :joy::joy: but I assure you it has the latest discounts :grin:


Thank you…

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