Updated: Regarding Improper Use

Greetings Dragon Lords,

I’d like to share with you today that our team is in the process of implementing measures to combat the use of “scrapers” and other similar third-party utilities to pull large amounts of game information for uses that could offset the balance of competition. We’ve detected a few cases of improper use from outside our game, and are focused on plugging up those holes to prevent further exploitation. Please be reminded that usage of third-party software can put your game account at-risk of banning. Furthermore, we’d like to issue a strong and not-so-subtle reminder our Terms of Service is clear when it states you agree to not use:

…software program or applications which are designed to modify the Pocket Gems experience to the detriment of fair play.”

Thank you for playing War Dragons!


Hello Dragon Lords,

Over the past day, we’ve received a lot of strong feedback from players in response to this message with concerns that players could be banned for using player-created tools and resources following these changes. To be clear: the original post’s purpose was to remind players that modifying the app to the detriment of fair play is a violation of the Terms of Service. However, there is currently in-game information accessible that’s being pulled by player-created tools for the purpose of providing users with strategic information. Some of this information is not readily accessible to all players, and so we view it as an imbalance to fair play.

Our previous plan was to simply block this information, effectively rendering some of those resources non-functional. We understand now that this may not be the best solution and will be temporarily pausing those efforts until after a better solution is complete: creating a public API for tool-creators to use. This will help make game data more secure, and easily accessible for anyone who would like to create a tool for public use. More details to come when this is available.

Thanks for helping us keep War Dragons fun and fair!