Updated Special Offer

If I remember correctly, this offer once had 1,000 black pearls a opposed to 600. However the price has remained the same. Thoughts?

You are right. It was a better value and most likely “too many” folks paid for it so, PG dropped the value to see if peeps will continue to hit the shiny buy button with less.

I would imagine it nets them a fair amount of income or things would change.


:man_shrugging: it’s utter trash at 1000 as well, no real difference.

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Who cares honestly, don’t like the prize don’t get it simple. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody in their right mind would pay 8k rubies for 100 sigils. You could open 20 gold chests with 8k and get 500+ sigils


Literally the worst value in the game. It’s there to goad the weak.




I rarely ever buy these special offers :joy:

I haven’t bought one yet. They all suck

Wait, people buy them things? They’re all a waste of rubies.

Some special offers worth.

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Can they change the “Buy” button, so that i wont hit it accidentally.
Ohh yeah, I wont hit it, I cant even get into the game.

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The only decent special offer I know of is 5k tokens for 2.5k rubies.

I bought the black pearl offer twice because my perch was below level 30 and my gear was being de-buffed. I knew it was a high price, but the defense power it gave me at the time was enough to justify it. But now that it is above level 30, its not worth it, especially with 400 less black pearls.

There’s 1 or 2 offers that were worth their price but all the others are trash especially this one :joy::joy::joy:

They’re definitely more “short bus” special than “gold star” special, that’s for certain.

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