Updated Wars Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the upcoming changes to the Wars system with Version 5.02.


I like the limits on leads etc. I’m not overly sure the 6th and 7th flames is the best criteria what many would consider a perfect lead previously (sand everything) is now “only” worth 5 flames.

I would have liked to see a limit on backings as well as leads but maybe that’s just me


Something new to make wars interesting and challenging. Thanks Pg :smile::smiley:


Crumble the farms to dust for more than 35% :ghost:


so let me get this straight

LEAD 100% NO BACKER - 7 :fire:
LEAD 70%-100 % /BACKER - 7 :fire:
LEAD >35 % / BACKER - 6 :fire:
LEAD < 35% / BACKER - 5 :fire:

always if base gets cleared 100%


I love this detail tho I had one doing attacks and pretending he didnt hit :stuck_out_tongue:


If someone looks at a team out of the war menu and attempts the base they wont get flames. Ok that’s fine but does it count as an attempt in the war? If not it’s going to get abused and gives everyone as many attempts as they want to figure out how to run a base to maximize points making the 7 lead maximum worthless.


I love some of these new balances to wars!! The backer always had made a HUGE difference in the ways wars were won and this hopefully will counter that by making the lead actually attack vs swapping right away!
Well done PG!!! :smiley:


So if two teams declare wars but never fight each other their bases will be buffed (even for non-war) and they will get a tie?


I’m not convinced by the random resists.
That’s the worst idea.
Not all of us have been able to gather a dragon decent enough for each event having been playing catch up for so long.

The rest I quite like.

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I was so excited when i read “weekly rotation…”… and then searched the whole text out of a wartime rotation…

was i the only european one ? :grimacing:


Why do bases need to be easy to defeat still? 🤷


Oh, sounds interesting for sure. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.


not only u :stuck_out_tongue:


Not necessarily. My team personally ignores normal attacks during a war so they won’t have much practice for that layout with defense if that approach is taken. Many bases are a cake walk without defenders. Once you add in defenders, the stress of flying against defenders/hammer spam and it is a whole new ball game. I do see your point though but honestly you could do that very thing buy scouting a team before declaring a war or scouting your league in general.

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Yes, to an extent but if everyone does this and finds a base their level they do extremely well against undefended and then a war wave is ran it cuts the chance of defenders in half if not less if you run your wave when few defenders are on. This would give everyone infinite practice to find that base they can hit before the wave starts.

Im confused. The 10% boost applies to only war runs or to all runs? If the latter…:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I believe only war runs

I read it as all runs, but it’s not really that specific.

I believe the way it works is:

  • Looking at a base (at the attack screen, but NOT pressing the “Attack” button to go into battle: Does NOT count as an attempt.
  • Attacking a base (pressing the “Attack” button and officially initiating the battle): DOES count as an attempt.

Hopefully that clears things up from what you’re asking?

I believe they will only be buffed in the context of War flights, but I can double check on this!