Updated whit pictures :Bounty harbor reload time 6 h?

Is this something new?

It has always been like this

What was the reload time before it became 6hr? (worst typing ever edit)

I’m sensing deja vu…
Oh wait:

On the low levels (up to lvl 30, may be) it is about every 10 minutes.

That’s blatently unfair. It should be the same length of time for everyone. Especially with such lousy prizes.

I dont think that’s true. I think it always has been 6 hours.

Hello again
I am level 42 for about a week and this happen last two days - change from 10 min to 6 h

I’m ok whit that jusa wanna be sure it is not bug in the system.

My Alt is level 30 and has a 6hr time.

It has always been 6 hours for every one of my accounts (115, 85, 50, 50). I’ve never seen a 10m bounty harbor except when it just so happened that the bounty harbor had 10m left in its current cycle.

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Exactly the same effect.
Just entered the game to make a screenhots with 10 minutes, and it is 6 hours now.

You guys really need to take a step back and look at things.

The clock runs even while you are out of game. If it’s been 5 hours and 50 minutes since you last collected, the timer will show 10 minutes left. Then once you collect it, the timer restarts at 6 hours.

I’m a level 50 and it has always been 6hrs for me.


Just reinstall the game and came back to 10 min here some picturesScreenshot_20180314-231012Screenshot_20180315-133750Screenshot_20180315-133741

One more thing since event begun did not receive even single chest for attack.

That’s wierd. Is it a visual glitch?

Please read what @mechengg said.These pictures were obviously taken some time apart. In the first picture, there are 20 thousand less medals than there are in the other two.

The countdown occurs in real time, not just when you’re in the game.

No it is like that since i start to play this game like 2 month ago. 10 min reload and after this breeding event start change to 6 h reload.

but after i reinstall it today it is back like before 10 min.

one of the picture is from is form last night and the other from today after reinstalling it

Hopefully they fix so it’s 6 hr and not 10 minutes for ya @PGwhomever