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Hi i know probably this will be seen as whining and will be deleted immediately but i just have to vent now cause ive been holding this back for long time now. So here it goes: why does PG spend money for the time that employees spend to crate new uis every few weeks and tell us you fix problems, that in the end never get fixed, instead of really fixing problems? Who gives a damn about new UIs and nice new features and things to look at in a new and chick way?:man_facepalming:t4: Just fix the problems that have been there for years already!!!
Just to give an example of everexisting problems: since i started this game, there has been the problem of the defence that is being shown to players themselves, other players and the information window. There are three different defence powers, this has never been fixed and its really frustrating to think you have a certain defence power to actually having 2 different ones. But thats not the only problem with the defence, the power is also fluctuating like hell all the time… this is just one of many things people keep asking themselves why PG isnt putting time, effort and money in solving those problems but instead giving us shitty new uis and what not instead. You can see its really hard for me to stay objective cause is soooooo damn annoying! It feel like they burn our money for nothing! AAAARGH!

Sorry for my rant but i just had to say something and knowing PG they wont give a… anyway.

Thanks for your attention


Well said Hal, I couldn’t agree more!

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While I do agree with you that there should be a fix for this…

… the easy solution here is to not care about your defense power as it means absolutely nothing, and is not measurement of how strong your base really is.

Focusing only on the issue you presented… There are a lot of other things that need to be fixed though :smiley:


I do agree with not caring and that is what i do. But this is not the point it was merely an example for the issue i pointed out.

I mean PG is more then happy to get as much out of us as possible but wont compensate the majority of the problems they create. Often these problems lead to losses in rss or event points and rewards…its pure hypocrisy.

See nobody Cares…

Or PvP glitches were it charges you 8 energy instead of 4 then you spend 30mins rebooting etc just so you can hit

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Or worse, you get charged 4 energy for merely looking at a base and canceling the attack because you decided it wasn’t worth the risk if defenders show up, but the game acts like you actually launched the attack. It’s even worse than that if it happens while scouting a base choosing the super attack option :sob:

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O yes I forgot that one
Many things need work

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from what I know, that’s only a visual one. Restart the game and it should return the energy. Experienced that where I lost 20 energy, but it returned after exiting and then returning to the game.

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Good to know I’ll give that a try next time it happens to me.

so long as you actually just viewed it since the energy is taken once the battle ends either prematurely or completely

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