Updates on the day of event start

Why do you always have to do “updates” and Atlas disables on Wednesday, when that is literally the only day of the week when main events start? Can you just do all that on Tuesday’s or Monday’s right after event, or ANY other day? Especially with the track record of bugs in every iterations ever released. I mean common!

For example: Fortification is about to start and we don’t have access to our RSS in Altlas Castle Bank, where we have been saving our resources for weeks so they can be utilized when necessary. This advantage at event start is now gone because of something that could have been done prior… at least it seems so from a player’s perspective.



it would make more sense to use your banks later… and raid now.


I agree with Gox
Why would you use your Atlas Bank in the first few hours of Fort?
It’s just going to get raided the second it arrives in personal storage.

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You really should just use that a day before the event ends where not everyone is farming like crazy. Upgrade what you can from raiding.

To some degree, yes…

But it doesn’t hurt to clear out space for dumps right at the start.

That was totally not the point of the post.

We use our banks the first day to get everyones builders huts, farms & mills upgraded. Free for all style, if you need RSS for farms/mills/huts, it’s yours no limits.

Cascading effect of more RSS being available to everyone over the rest of the event :slight_smile:

Moving this to Atlas as it’s an Atlas-specific issue.

Players utilize their banks differently. Some wait, some use it for transfer to and from bank before event start, some use both food and wood immediately, some later and there are those still filling their banks with RSS.

It was just an example of how illogical turning off Atlas features is, as it’s affecting players with completely different playstyles when event is literally about to start. The point is >Updates on Wednesday<

Don’t get hooked on one example.

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