Updates to Atlas Glory Bands Discussion Thread

Please discuss the upcoming changes to Glory bands in Atlas here.

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So if you’re level 436, a level 435 (someone who has essentially the same base and dragons as you) is worth 70% glory, while a lvl 476 can hit you, the level 436, for full glory? Sweet.


This will just bring the low level taunters on high level castles back, ffs


Guess this is the most important Question!

It won’t matter in level 4-5 castles

I think it is a great move to dissuade bullying. I hope the smaller players get full revives too.


I think it would depend on den levels for being uncapped too. For the folks on the level 2-3 castles this was much required.

I don’t disagree with increasing the penalty from hitting players much lower than you. But having large step changes is utterly stupid.


If this occurs, we have a fix in mind for that issue. Will be monitoring closely.


Is the glory not going to be 100% on all level 4 and 5 castles? As long as it stays full on high level castles it is fine in my opinion


Does this also apply for a high level getting hit by a low level?

From what I can tell, this new system doesn’t include team rank in the formula for glory. If that is true, this is gonna allow higher ranked teams who have some lower levels on their team to hit the lower ranked team, even significantly lower ranked teams, for 100%. Not sure how I feel about that even though that’d be useful for teams like mine with a more mixed level range.


Why is the top bracket not stopped at 477 (highest level needed for den)? So now people get penalized for building their base higher than the min needed for den levels?


is there an idea of ​​when and if this change will be applied? Also, will all players continue to pay 100% for level 4 castles or will bands be applied there too?

Glory bands merely replace the old system’s level multiplier. So exemptions like castle levels 4 and 5 still apply.


Pretty sure this is just the individual component. The team component will still apply.

It’s already applied lol. And he answered the second question above.

I had not understood that it was already applied. I wrote the question while PG was answering at the same time :slight_smile:

If I get it right , the between levels will scale properly , you should get 97% or something for it . @PGNines can u correct me if wrong

Much harder to kill