Updates to Black Pearls

Hey Dragon Lords!

As a continuation to our updates to the economy from last month, we’ll be working to improve the Black Pearl economy. We’ll be testing greater availability of Black Pearl drops starting with this week’s Fortification event.

Part 1

  • Starting with this week’s Fortification Event (March 18th), Gold Chests will drop higher amounts of Black Pearls, but please note that drop rates are unchanged.
Drop Rarity Current Drop Amount New Drop Amount
Epic 100 300
Legendary 225 1600

Part 2

  • Black Pearl rewards will be added to personal Progression Prizing for some events in the near future, but not with this week’s event.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the above adjustments are subject to change as we evaluate the stability and balance within the economy.

Thank you for your understanding while we make gradual economy changes to fine-tune problem areas in the in-game economy.


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