Updates to Building Tier-Based Discounting & Elemental Embers - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming updates to Tier Based Discounting and Elemental Ember Sources here.


That’s awesome that the economy is fixed finally. I can Rest In Peace now

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Well. It’s a start. Though @Arelyna, I notice you said there were going to be three additional sources of embers, but you only listed two - event prizes and gold chests.

Or is event prizes a double, with Atlas and seasonal events?

Or, more likely, were you counting epic and legendary drops from gold chests as two?


So no discount for harbinger.

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Man they got you busy today @Arelyna. No rest for the wicked!

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This post pleases me.

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I wondered what the 3rd was also

Um yay! Good start and just in time for fort

Please remove scrolls from Bronze chest drops, it killed the value of them. While on it, remove healing pots and dragon boosts from gold chests.


What about a update to chest drops on elemental ember from Fort to PVP events. More drop rates for some elemental embers during pvp events would be great. I understand adding inners and energy packs, but sometimes you can spend 100 gold chests and not get any elemental ember.

Allready the ammount of drops during pvp for ressources to fight is bad/ changed to less. Hell no, adding Embers will make pvp coast even more.
Pvp has 0 ember drops now, you can open 1million and wait for them.

Guaranteed Elemental Embers if you open those 100 during fort event.


That’s why it needs to be evened out. You get pearls in both event, why not embers

Only makes sense if you add IF and energy to fort as well.

Make everything even across the board. Hell you can get pearl drops in both pvp and fort but there is only 3 towers to upgrade with pearls…:man_shrugging:

You only get IF and energy in pvp, so either make drops same on all events, or leave at it is.
Also you realize that there is pearl shortage for most players?

And bring back Dungeons, was fun to fly and a decent method to obtain black pearls and/or embers.


Why not make drops even in all events, increasing the amounts of certain items

Dungeons In my opinion was pointless and not worth it


Glad to see them finally added to the event prizes. The gold chest increase is positive but only if you actually open chests during Fort events which in general isnt a great idea since they’re full of a lot of worthless items like wood packs
The pessimist in me, however, is thinking that this update means the future tower mentioned in the 2020 plan is going to use embers as well.

Why are you opening bronze chests outside of PvPs anyway?