Updates to the Forums Categories (and New Sub-Categories)!

Hi everyone!

PGCrisis and I have just finished updating the Categories and Sub-Categories on the Forums. The overall intent with these changes is to provide you all with clearly-defined places to discuss a selection of topics around War Dragons, without having to feel confused and dump everything into the General Category.

These changes have gone live today, but the process overall will probably take us about a week to finish iterating upon. Let us know what you think of the structure below, and we can tweak as necessary throughout the coming days!

The new structure is:

  • Announcements: Announcements now has a new Sub-Category called Release Notes, where PG Staff will post patch notes and release information as it pertains to the core of the game (by that we mean binary updates, bug fixes, etc.) The main Announcement Category will continue to be the place where you’ll see us post news on upcoming releases, like Seasonal Dragons, new building Towers, and more.

  • General Discussion: The General Category has remain unchanged. Please check all available categories and sub-categories before posting to General so we keep our threads as organized as possible!

  • Guides and Resources: The Strategy and Guides Category has been renamed! This Category now includes 3 new Sub-Categories: Dragons and Bases, Events, and Atlas. Each Sub-Category will be the best place to get strategic tips and advice for the various parts of War Dragons.

  • Events and Seasons: The Events and Guides Category has now been renames to Events and Seasons. It also include 2 new Sub-Categories for Major Events and Minor Events. Anything related to an event should be posted into these Sub-Categories while anything about current or upcoming Seasons can be posted to the main Event and Seasons Category.

  • Wars: Wars is a new category to post anything related to Wars, including War issues, strategies, etc.

  • Atlas: The Atlas Category has been updated to contain 2 new Sub-Categories: Updates and Seasons / Events. Updates will have information from PG Staff regarding any mechanics changes or patch notes specific to Atlas (but general patch notes that also contain Atlas changes or fixes will remain in the Release Notes category above). Seasons / Events will be where PG Staff or Atlas players can post about anything pertaining to Atlas Seasons or Atlas Events. The main Atlas Category can also be used for general Atlas discussions.

  • Recruitment: Recruitment now includes 2 new Sub-Categories: LFT (Looking for Team) and LFM (Looking for Members). Please use these respective Sub-Categories when recruiting on the Forums. For LFT, refer to this posting guide, and for LFM, refer to this posting guide!

  • Suggestions: Suggestions is a brand new main Category that will be the new home for topics suggesting changes to the game. Please note that while this category is perfect for PG Staff to keep eyes on and consider suggestions, we cannot guarantee that all suggestions here will make their way to the game!

  • Off-Topic: The Off-Topic Category remains unchanged and will continue to be used for all the whacky conversations y’all like to talk about. And GIFs. Always GIFs.


I also want to give a HUGE shout out to @TheRedDelilah for her suggestions and efforts to make these changes live. It was originally her idea to get these Categories updated, so thanks to you for your suggestions and helping make the Forums a great place. :heart:



I’m thinking of one more category…

Forum. Where we can discuss anything wrong with the forum itself.
But that’s just something in my head…

Probably just wanna use the suggestion category for that.


These changes are very nice. Thank you for your efforts!

PS: Although I can totally understand why you did not include one, it would further improve forum organization if you would consider adding a “complaints” category.

For balance you could also create compliments category, just so we aren’t all negative all the time. In fact, having one might encourage some nice positive sentiments.

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Sounds like a feedback category lol. Which might either be child or parent of the suggestions category.

Serious suggestion here! @PGCrisis Since
it is a very big deal to a lot of people and most do not know and haven’t for months, why not make a sub category under Announcements, Where any information on future roll outs or lotteries or anything related to gaining access to Atlas could be found.
Could keep players informed, probably make the topic less hostile.
It doesn’t have to be threads with specific dates but just info on future roll outs like what leagues next, approx time just any information I’m sure would be appreciated by a lot of players.

I like what y’all did! It makes easier to navigate! Thanks Guys! :clap: :clap::clap::clap:


Updates to improve communication—


Thank you.


Thanks for your suggestion, @Twitchx! We are trying to use the Atlas --> Updates sub-category for what you’re describing here. That way, updates and announcements related to Atlas can be found under the parent Atlas category, and will keep things together that way.

That being said, if we release a new update to the game, the release notes for that update will be in the Announcements --> Release Notes sub-category, even if it includes information on updates to Atlas. If it is Atlas-specific release notes, it’ll be posted in the Updates sub-category.

Everyone on the Forums has access to view all Atlas threads and discussions, so we can all be aware of upcoming changes! :slight_smile:

Why is there another Atlas category under Guides & Resources when there is already a main Atlas category?
By that logic, Events and Seasons should also have an Atlas subcategory. Actually even the Announcements and General Discussion main categories could have an Atlas subcategory, then it would all follow the same logic and the Atlas main category wouldn’t be needed anymore (might make Atlas look less of an alienating Add-On and be an integrated part of the game and forum).
Or you keep anything Atlas specific under Atlas like was initially, that would include Announcements as well as Guides and Resources.

And this might sound a little negative but most players don’t even care about categories. This new forum allows them to just post blindly without picking any category and the moderators don’t seem to have time to sort them into the right category so it currently looks like a huge mess. About 50% of new threads don’t have any category assigned.
Could you force players to pick a category for their new topic please?
Then we might actually see all those new sub categories filling up slowly. I also think the forum needs someone to clean it up and sort things.

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@Arelyna @PGCrisis :point_up: any thoughts on this?

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