Updates to the Mythic Warrior, Huitzil

Hey everyone,

When the team here was determining exact stats for Huitzil’s spells, we unintentionally set Explosive Aegis’ explosion damage to 16% when we originally planned to have the damage set at 6%. The 16% explosion damage was presented to the Gameplay Faction for evaluation, as well as shown on the Dragons livestreams that Arelyna and I hosted the week the Dragon released.

An bug fix was released to the game last week that caused the radius of Explosive Aegis to be shortened and the spell’s explosion damage to return to the intended 6%. The intent was to only change the radius, as it was behaving incorrectly in-game, however it seems that the spell’s explosive damage was also modified in the update.

We apologize for the dip in strength and overall viability that Huitzil has undergone. As the Mythic Warrior of the Summerflare Season, we want Huitzil to possess catastrophic, yet balanced strength as compared to the current highest powered Dragons in the game. It was not our intent to surprise or coerce players into thinking they were getting one thing and actually receiving something different.

We are looking at ways to scale this spell so that, at lower power, Huitzil’s Explosive Aegis will provide plenty of strength to defeat a base and, at higher power, the spell remains balanced against other high-level Dragons and their respective spells.

For this reason, we plan to update Huitzil’s explosive damage on Exploding Aegis to 10% of Base HP before runes, which is a number determined by our design team to provide heightened power to the Dragon and balance against Huitzil’s runes when fully maxed. Huitzil’s Runes of the Jade Aegis previously provided a 3% boost to the spell’s explosion damage when maxed, and will now provide 5% when these new numbers are live. The change should occur sometime next week around the time the next weekly event goes live.

In regards to the change in Huizil’s Explosive Aegis radius: In order to maintain combat economy balance in the game, and since we are also increasing the power of Explosive Aegis’ explosion damage as well as its runes, we will maintain Huitzil’s radius as it is now.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience as we hope to right this wrong. Have a great weekend!

Update: Tuesday, July 3rd

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience while our team held a series of meetings to formulate our final thoughts on Huitzil’s Explosive Aegis spell.

The plan is to move forward with the existing increase to Huitzil’s Explosive Aegis explosion damage to 10% of Base HP, as described on the posts we’ve made previously. Here’s some further background on this decision:


Prior to Huitzil’s design, Explosive Aegis was implemented in the game code as an unassigned spell. Some folks data-mined our files and found the original 15% damage assigned to the placeholder spell. We highly discourage this as all parameters are subject to change prior to release. This 15% damage output never actually went live with the dragon.

Explosive Aegis’ explosion damage on Huitzil was originally intended to be 6% of Base HP. It was described to the GPF as such, but mistakenly set at 16% damage when tested. It was also shown at 16% on our livestreams that week. The radius for the explosion damage was also larger than intended, and was a bug that we believed was fixed prior to release. This was a known issue among GPF members when we first tested the Dragon. All confusion mentioned above was entirely an accident and is the basis for our corrective measures.


Unbeknownst to us, Huitzil’s Explosive Aegis spell shipped with a live bug with regards to the spell’s radius. Explosive Aegis did not ship with mistakes to spell damage and went live at 6% as intended. We have no evidence to conclude that Explosive Aegis ever shipped at anything but 6% explosion damage (Please note: In my post on Friday, I did say this was the case, but we have confirmed to the extent of our investigations that no damage change ever occurred in the live environment. We acknowledge the videos that were posted in previous threads, but there are many possible variables at play that could have influenced each run).

In a recent binary update that went live on June 21st, we fixed what we believed to be a minor bug with Explosive Aegis’ spell radius. We later discovered that this had an noticeable impact on gameplay, and we regret not communicating this necessary fix more explicitly.


Many of our spells determine their offensive or defensive strength using a percentage of the Dragon’s Base HP. As players progress to the end game, where significant boosts (including Riders and Gear) exist to influence Dragon and Tower HP, these spells do not scale to maintain equal effectiveness. We want to deliver a model where Dragon spell kits feel equally impactful at all levels of play. Improving this model is a major priority for our team to work on in the near future.

With that in mind, the data around past Seasonal Mythic Dragon acquisition across all players was a significant part of the basis for our decision. We’re aware that the distribution of such Dragons is spread across not only end-game players, but also many mid-game players as well. The increased accessibility (by changing the Season’s branch structure) of the Summerflare Seasonal Mythic means that Huitzil is accessible to more players than ever. Thus, we need to be sure this Dragon’s spell is balanced for all of these players.

We want to deliver the best possible balance of Explosive Aegis’ damage output for all players, regardless of where they are in the game’s progression. We chose 10% of Base HP explosion damage in consideration of not only the damage of the spell, but also the time and effort players have taken to build appropriate defenses at each level. We remain committed to communicating with you all as openly and transparently as possible, and we appreciate your patience over the past week!


I think most of all appreciate the time you took to discuss this with the team. However, even with the explosion damage increase, 10% is not what we saw on videos and I feel disappointed about PG’s resolution. I really believe the right thing to do was to give people back what videos offered. Some may say this is better than nothing, but I still think those who got Huitzil were somehow cheated.

I’ll wait for reviews from players who already got the mythic dragon this season and decide if I still go for it. Not likely right now.

Anyway, thanks for your effort. I know this is not on you.


They are giving you 10% + 5%, so 15% with the mythic rune.

Which is pretty close to 16% but is scaled so it’s not too powerful at lower levels.

It is correct to scale it like this i think.


So it is kind of worthless for those who can’t go beyond platinum stone?

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If only base boosts and consumables scaled on “max base hp” rather than “max actual HP.”


That hasn’t happened.

However, for this specific case on this particular dragon, I think the net result of 15% is fair and reasonable. It would have been 19% (or 18% based on the files I was able to dig up).

The AOE was obviously not correct, as it was set at 80 from its very first appearance. For some reason that I couldn’t find and wasn’t motivated enough to really dig for, it was actually much larger than 80.

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That was the only reason i was spending and going to spend so much was he was an op warrior now he still is behind several others and will be replacing nolliag on my perch lesson learned i am moving forward and will just be more cautious with ingame purchases due to the fact if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

So I would assume you have plans to refund 4% of the total cost that anyone has spent obtaining him in the spirit of maintaining balance, right?


You’re a funny guy.

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At this point, if you cant laugh at it …


If I don’t laugh, I will cry.

I hate crying over a game. It’s supposed to be fun.


A 4% boost is not going to fix a crippled Mythic. Such a boost to Corthanak won’t fix him, either.

You folks really need to test balance on max DEFENDED bases with 2-3 defenders using boosts like mad as well as on undefended bases. Then you’ll realize tower values and defense values are out of whack.


25%… down 4% from 16%.


Well… When ALL offensive dragon spells based on hp were nerfed to use “base hp” rather than actual HP, that was the beginning of the end of a long ride to total imbalance.


True. I like your math better.

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That and the re-unbalancing and the massive boost to Atlas gear. Everything’s all cattywhompus now and has been since the start of last Dec when they started the downhill trend of messing up towers.

Like when the power level went up but the attack was actually the same?

If the plan was to right the wrong, please let the team know they’ve failed.


Still a shitty mythic at higher levels. Oh well. New tier coming out anyway.

After all the talking and deliberation this is what you all came up with? Christ even at pre nerf levels he wasn’t OP against defended bases, this isn’t news. If your goal is to get people to spend money on getting Mythic season drags in the future you might try making them actually usable versus the bases we all play against on a daily basis. Try harder guys, you are losing your long time players with this crap. Do better.


I think most of us understand why the radius had to be reduced back to what was intended. But you say the Gameplay Faction tested it at 16%. Were they giving feedback that it was too powerful at what they tested? Because if they tested it at 16% (even if they thought it was 6%) and they felt it was balanced then shouldn’t that be a fair number to use? If they knew it was 16% and said it was too powerful then I would understand the reduction.

It’s ancidotal evidence, but the people who played it live at 16% and commented in the forums have indicated they didn’t think he was too overpowered and that against a defended base he was on par with other warriors.

I do want to thank you for advocating for us and for working with the rest of your team on this issue.