Updating Lineage Dragons

Everyone knows lineage dragons are terrible and outdated. The resists don’t cover new towers, many spells are useless or broken, etc.
Here are my proposed changes in the interest of relevance to the current meta.
Please leave comments on which you would change, or if you see any I did that you think could be better. I’ll update this list accordingly.
An asterisk indicates the spell is new to the kit. The first few tier changes are very modest as these are the earliest dragons. Bare minimum to make them less horrible.

Thanks to @Witchy for providing the tower unlock levels and @Sandberg for the dragon unlock levels

Red Tier

KASTOR - Entrap*

Purple Tier

DACTYL - Chaos*/BallistaRes or Havoc/ArcherRes*

BORG - Entrap*/Havoc

KLAX - Cloak*/SelfDestruct

ARBORIUS - Rejuvenate/StoneskinShield/StormRes*

Blue Tier

VAZIR - Fireball/CannonRes*

DRUDE - HealMark/Cloak*/StormRes

KELSIS - Stoneskin/IntimidatingRoar*/CannonRes

(Level 28) Orange Tier

BRONZE - Windwall/LightningRes*

KOLO - WarCry*/BallistaRes or Battlecry/LightningRes*

NOSS - Cloak/Entrap*/LightningRes

AMAROK - Rejuvenate*/ExplosiveShield/IceTurretRes*/LightningRes*

Lv38 Ice Turret Unlocks

(Level 40) Green Tier
Lv42 Fire Turret, Lv45 Dark flak, Lv.55 Ice flak

NASSUS - ElementalBarrier*/Freeze*

GARZEV - Flash*/CannonRes

GASPAR - VampiricTouch/IntimidatingRoar*

NAGA - SuperHeatedBreath*/Rejuvenate/IceTurretRes*

ELIXIS - ReverseProjectiles/NocturnalFissure*/StormRes*

KARNA - Entrap*/Cloak/SelfDestruct/LightningRes*

URD - HealMark/Cloak*/Chaos*/DarkFlakRes*

ETTIN - Cloak/HealMark/Des.Sand*/FireTurretRes*

NIX - Invinc/MysticBarrage*/Freeze*/CannonRes*

DANZIG - LethalBarrier*/WarCry*/CannonRes*/DarkFlakRes*

HUGIN - Rejuvenate/SeethingSpark*/StaticShield*/LightningRes

MUNIN - Nocturnal Fissure*/Eneeble*/Freeze/IceTurretRes*

(Level 63) Gold Tier

BANDER - DreadfulRoar*/Rejuvenate*/BallistaRes

FIRACTUS - Chaos*/Sacrifice/CannonRes

LUMEN - MaleficBreath*/IceFlakRes*

CONSURGENS - HealMark/SE/CannonRes/IceTurretRes*

SEKORONOS - Freeze/ThunderStorm/SummonW/DarkFlakRes*

CHTHOTEUTHIS - Invinc/ChainLight/SpellFlux*/CannonRes

Lv.65 earth flak unlocks

Platinum Tier

KULAN - IntimiR/WarCry*/CannonRes

CRYZAN - ChainLight/SpellFlux/IceTurretRes*

QUETZ - SeethingS/ExplosiveAegis*/StormRes/ElectroFlakRes*

KELVIN - NL(L)*/SpellFlux/FrozenTomb/IceTurrtRes

KAIJU - SS/LethalBarrier*/TrebRes/ArcherRes*

Sapphire Tier

ITERU - UmbralSpike/SpellFlux/RisPhoe/DarkFlakRes*

ANAPA - TectonicTomb*/DreadfulRo*/Rejuvenate*/IceFlakRes*

GORGONUS - SE/Cloak/CtD/ElectroFlkRes*

MEHATEN - Daybreak/Radiance/Inferno*/BlazingShield*

Garnet Tier

URSA - DreadR/SHBreath/IceFlakRes*/IceTurretRes*

GLOOMCLAW - DoomChains/DevourHope/MalBreath/DarkFlakRes*

Emerald Tier

DECI - Cloak/SE/EQ/AdaptiveRes*

KERBOS - ChainLight/UmbralSpike*/SpellFlux*/FireTurretRes*

SLAX - Invinc/Vines/UmbralS*/StormRes

STORMHEIM - BlazingShield*/TectonicT/SolarStrike*/FireFlakRes*

XENOT - SeisS/EQ/Cloak*/EarthFlakRes*

NIER - ElementalB/UmbralS*/Vines/ArcherRes


I like alot of these suggestions. Nice job!

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:heart_eyes: Love this! :heart_eyes:

(last week I got Ursa and Mehaten, and Ursa definitely needs an upgrade. She’s cute, fluffy, but useless.)


Just curious what you would suggest for older runes that had been equipped to said dragons?

For instance i have 5 battle cry runes on Ursa. Your proposal would completely eliminate the need for battle cry runes (substantiated or not, can’t comment on whether the dragon would be better off in new format or old with runes). So what would be the plan for the swap over of runes?

What about research items? Would these maybe perhaps go hand in hand with the spell changes?

Research is another thing I’ve suggested be updated, but that would be too much for one post.

Runes would likely need to be handled like the lethal barrier situation. (Once it actually got fixed)


Yeah that is honestly what is scaring me. It took so long for people to half get sorted out, i just think that it would be fairly overwhelming for PG to get so many resources on rather old dragons that folks rarely use. But you know that people will throw a fit over something not working how it used to.

I probably wouldn’t care, even with all of my dragons fully runed up and experts I could deal with it. But others may not.

Most of them are so useless as is that I would think they’d see the bigger picture. Maybe that’s idealistic lol.
Easier to just give out lots of rune dust and say sorry your runes won’t work, have dust for new runes

I see this as a good idea and been asking for this for a while now, however, the rune thing scares me a little and also changing all these dragons surely would take a lot of time to program or develop that could be spent fixing some of the more universal problems in the game. Not to mention I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a ton of bugs and glitches popping up with all these changes.

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I like this, but I don’t think everything needs to be updated to fit the current meta. The way this game works is if you aren’t endgame you get divines to have relevant dragons. Instead I favor the proposal that tiers do not grow in strength so much and it is easier to get to and stay at a tier 1-2 below the max


I’d rather everything that isn’t a Legendary for the most part retain their spells. You don’t need to compete against Flaks when you’re below 45 so their spells are decently balanced for what they’re fighting.

Also, letting the crappy rare dragons keep their crappy spells gives players something to compare it to when they DO get a good dragon. Kastor can keep lockdown.


I belieave kelvin should not have invert but it shouldn’t be replaced with northern lights he already has frozen tomb which gives a shield I think instead of invert he should have something like a white sacrifice.

But in my opinion a dragon that need a new spell set is the obsidian dragon hedran at the moment he has
Seething spark,isolation,archer resist and ice turret resist I think he Should have seething spark,crystalline shield,ice turret resist and regenerate

It’s an interesting idea. I’m just curious what endpoint you’re looking at, even after looking at the first post.

  • If lineage dragons are good enough to be used regularly, most of them need to be far, far better than they already are. For most of them, adding a resist is nowhere near enough - you’d need steps like turning existing spells into white spells.

  • If lineage dragons are good enough to be used regularly, they need to be able to able to effectively attack bases at or above the player level. Especially at the higher tiers, this requires a massive boost in effective power, whether through increasing their stats or improving their spellsets.

  • If lineage dragons are good enough to effectively attack bases at or above the player level, they’re significantly closer to divine dragons than they are right now. Is this a good thing, or a bad one?

Basically, balance between lineage dragons, divine dragons, and base defenses is the concern I have - not specifically with the spells you suggest, but with the improvement of lineage dragons in general.

Or to put it another way, if bases/towers are going to be balanced for divines, lineage dragons will need truly massive improvements to be widely useful, and divine dragons will be significantly devalued.

And on the other hand, if bases/towers are balanced for lineage dragons, lineage dragons will be used more often than they are now, but divines will easily roll through bases well above player level (thereby devaluing bases).

What do you see as the ideal balance point?

All though I do think lineage dragons should have better spells, I don’t think they should have an ENSANE upgrade. For example on Danzig, I think he should keep his other spells but change vamparic touch to soul devour. Keeping the lower to medium tier dragons a little under powered is necessary in my opinion because there needs to be a reason to go for divines and get a sense of growth in power moving up in tiers. But again, I do think the linage dragons should be improved just a little so they actually have a decent spell set.

I think changing the dragons to this extreme is excessive, personally. Do they need a change, yes (especially with resists), but the active spells and dragon synergy shouldn’t be changed so drastically.

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I’m sure I forgot half the spells (like @xZ3n1thx suggested Soul devour, forgot it existed) since it was me myself and I discussing this.
Would like to hear your ideas on which you’d change, and what your changes would be?

Rescaling old spells? :eyes:

That could work. Gear screwed up as much of the old meta as flaks did. That’s two enormous factors taking away the usefulness of old dragons

It would have to be a time when I can sit down and actually dive in.

As a brief example:

Windwall -> Flash on Hugin would keep the same idea and synergy of his spells, but modernize it.

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too bad by the time PG implements these changes we’ll all be 90 years old lol


:expressionless: you miss the 1 in front of 9…