Updating Lineage Dragons


That’s a good example. I see what you mean.


Before actually getting into any details… is it possible go even update the spells of old lineage dragons without breaking the game or code structures…
I’d hate to be flying around “winged box shapes” for a snazzy flying “box/square spell”…

@Tzaravak lmao

And at that age… only thing PG will stand for is Prunes Galore… :joy:


Yes, it’s possible. They’ve done it before when a spell was broken (Sigurd).


Keep rok the same as before, and only swap wind wall not others for danzig, apart from that i would say this is what we need, sick of the worst drags of last years events being better than best same den cap lieage drag with boosts. Now with the even more powerful drag in this season, lineage is becoming 100% irrelevant even to those who den cap lineage


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