Upgradable Runes storage

I would love to be able to hold more Runes! Could be another way to use black pearls or a new special element, too.

You know that number doesn’t do anything… right? I had like 300 until I salvaged some and now I have like 180. But it says the limit is 100.

quick maths

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There’s no limit to the number of runes you can hold


No, I always kept recycling stuff to keep it in limit. This will be so freeing. XD


Yeahhhh that “limit” means absolutely nothing :joy:
Technically there’s no need to upgrade the rune storage because it’s unlimited right now anyway. @Furever


Like other people have stated here, there is no limit to how many runes you could have.
Upgrading your rune vault wouldn’t do much as you are upgrading your runes individually.
If you’re worried about having excess runes, you can discard some of the common runes and ones you wouldn’t use as much or ones you have far too many of.

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I for one, never noticed that there was a limit at the bottom lefthand corner until this thread pointed it out. :laughing:

It could be stated that the suggestion could be to remove that misleading text.


+1 to this. When I first started out I thought that was a hard limit too until I opened my storage one day and saw over 1000.