Upgrade costs with shards

Sooo I’m a little confused for the upgrade costs for upgrading my turrents/flaks with shards. Shouldn’t the cost be near the same amount if not the same amount? Not a total offset number that makes no sense? Let’s say for example my ice turrent is level 26 and it costs about 1,200 shards to upgrade… then I have my fire turrent which is level 23 and costs about 1,300 shards to upgrade… how is it even possible that my lower level turrent costs more shards to upgrade than my ice turrent? Maybe someone else can explain this more for me. - Thanks!

They should be the same…

Upgrade cost from 23 to 24 is 1200 shards.
Upgrade cost from 26 to 27 is 340k wood.

Perhaps you made a mistake.

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Ya it doesn’t make sense. Flak to 57 = 5400 embers, Ice to 57 = 2900 shards… Flaks are almost double.

Turrets vs flaks are definitely different.

They scaled the flaks so that the points earned in fort events were more comparable as you leveled up instead of earning half the points for using shards instead of wood.

Lol yeah, but i like the elemental ember being double, easy easy points.

any idea why they didn’t do this for Turrets?

They realized the issue after they released the turrets. They made the change to the flaks and i’m sure if they could go back in time, they would scale them properly in the first place as well.

However at this stage, they can’t do much about that

they could have for the 50+ towers… or at least increase the points you get when using them during a fort… oh well. I guess ill bring my Flaks up this event instead of my ice… who am i kidding i will likely do both lol

show us the screen shot

show what?

the screenshot say the upgrade cost 1.3k and 1.2k of each tower

I can show the level 56 one i mentioned… will that do? 5400 vs 2900 for same level tower. Here you go:

Yes it was a typo, it was 24 and 26. I upgraded it for fortification and it fixed the shard amount so perhaps it was a glitch :thinking:

I was asking for the specific towers in the post mention at the top, not yours. But it is solved already

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