Upgrade ice turrets

Can we upgrade ice turrets so they slow down all dragons and not just hunters giving it more purpose in the game? And possibly up the shield %

My main request for ice turrets… and I feel the only one really needed, make the shard usage more inline with embers( or just replace all shards with embers).

Ice turrets are strong enough but ridiculously heavy on RSS to level


Ice turrets dont slow hunters speed down, they slow their ammo regen down. Warriors amd sorcerers dont use ammo and invokers require a specific set time for their ammo to reload all at once. You’d have to make the turret slow down projectile speed or something which would just be stupid to do.

Ice turrets are an outdated tower, there’s little reason to have one or to pay the insane shard costs to keep it leveled.


Why not change it and make it more useful in game … instead of it just targeting the hunter specifically… make it slow all dragon and not generation but the dragon itself…like the opposite of orrey and increase its shield

Good question, you need ask to PG for that :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I just think you have two towers in game which cost ridiculous amounts of shards and hard to get enough of each season… but two turrets that could really improve the game if they made a few changes and updated it to the modern game

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Because they dont do things like that, they’re not going to waste the time totally changing an old tower. They create new premium towers for things like that. Like how they didnt add abilities to the storm or the earth flak, they created new, more expensive towers to make the old ones irrelevant. Towers that would require new runes and research and that cant be transformed for 9 months

They wont update an ice turret, they’d make a new one that used electrums and probably charges

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