Upgrade problem / 4.35

i m trying upload game but it asked upgrade new version 4.35… when i went to playstore to update there isnt update. need help pls

My play store had 4.35.1 as an update from yesterday but I’m running 4.35.0. Just did a few attacks 10 minutes ago.

What version does your play store show you have installed?

Or you could look in setting - applications - all and see what version you have.

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4.35.1 looks on playstore… but the problem is still there

I would say uninstall and reinstall and see if the problem persists.

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i did it… dont work

That is very odd! I am sorry you are having that issue. Usually the uninstall and reinstall will cause the update to populate. If you have not already, please contact support in game via the gear icon or via support.wardragons.com.


Hopefully this will be resolved before next pvp.

@PGJared @DragonPunch
We had this issue before… Here is the link and it was solved that time…

They wrote: “… you might still be able to play it using your old device.
At the moment, it is your best chance to avoid this unwanted behavior, but you could also drop a line about it”
my old device (phone) dont work a like phone. what should I do?

Seriously? So, if my IPhone dies or if I buy a new phone using android system… there is nothing support can do about it? I understand that this game is not designed to have multiple accounts in same device but the given answer is not acceptable since the problem is about transferring account from old phone (ios) to new android phone…

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he means that if you played on iOS and then switched to Android, the version conflicts since its 4.35 vs 4.36 although nothing much changed

Yes, playing on multiple devices can create issues that could potentially be unfixable. In this case, 4.36 was for iOS and made a small, but necessary fix. I am not sure why there is an issue between the two right now, but I will get someone to take a look.

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thanks . i m waiting

Android… Spiel lässt sich nicht starten… verlangt nach Update selbst bei einer völlig neuen Installation.

Das Problem besteht darin das IOS eine höhere Versionsnummer hat und das Spiel nur stumpf die Nummer abfragt. Bitte Android auch auf 4.36 heben und gut ist es.

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