Upgrade to current bank system

While the team dueling feature I don’t see going away I do see Atlas evolving to be the main feature. A chess game on steroids if it were. That said I believe the banking system needs to evolve to accommdate a more sophisticated gaming platform.

Instead of worrying about weekly deposits and withdrawals, I’d rather see in addition to rss balances at each banking branch (at individual castles) owned by the team, but also a “team” bank whereas all taxes that are collected are deposited as well as each team member can “donate” to the team bank from their total balance, regardless as to where their rss has been deposited as their individual account. Once in the ‘Team Bank’ it is available for upkeeps and leveling of individual branches at the castles. Loans would only be available via transfers between the branches to an individual’s account. In other words, if home branch doesn’t have the rss, that ‘branch’ may request a loan from another branch to extend to the player. Another way would have a grand total of indiividual acounts (in addition to the Main Team Account) and then show to Bankers, etc. the percentage each player holds and their actual rss balance beside the perecentage. Something to think about and perfect.

Think of this analogy. You open an account with WellsFargo, no matter where you make your transaction you can access your total running balance at any branch and the main headquarters can collect interest from you into their own coffers that they can manage for administrative purposes.

So, when players deposit gold, food, or wood to a bank it adds it to their individual account. If a player has sufficient rss available they can do withdrawals directly, no intervention required, but if they don’t , a notice comes up saying insufficent funds (i.e., gold, food or wood) do you wish to apply for a loan? Approval for loans could go through the Officers. The player’s actual real time account balances (whether positive or negative) would be available to respective players as well as the afforementioned castle administrators. A "Loan"would show up as a ‘red’ value that would go ‘white’ once above a 0 balance. If a player leaves one team for another (in Atlas) their account could transfer, else it’s frozen until they do again gain access to Atlas.

Note: I’m not talking about donations from other players’ storage to a requestor’s storage, only transactions involving the banking system.

This accomplishes a lot of things:

  1. Players’ don’t have to maintain a ledger outside the game (yeah, right, how many do this?).
  2. Officers can easily monitor players’ balances. Also, they could impose “fixed” fees in addition to taxes at a set frequency, and possibly interest on loans…if they wish.
  3. Banks full - Really, seriously, get rid of this. Since when in real life have you went to make a deposit and they say, “sorry bank’s full!” Players’ storage, fine, banks, no.
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While I’m not the leader banker on my team (I’m the leader), I will say this: the resources in the team bank are the team’s resources. I would be strongly opposed to making it just an extension of individual players’ storages. The purpose of the gold there is to upgrade infrastructure and pay upkeep. Can it also be used as a temporary storage for players? Yes, but it’s main purpose isn’t a personal, 100% safe storage for individuals.

I think if the following actions could be done, it would help:

  • downloadable file of ledgers (a girl can dream)
  • if the transfers out of a bank showed where they went to, not just who initiated the transfer.

Lastly - I like the “banks full” bit. Need to launder your gold a bit better or improve/get more banks.

You are making a simple mechanic complicated for personal gains of individual players. :-1:t2:

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Currently you are correct Red, but it could be. Which is why I suggested a Team Bank (or headquarters as it were) where taxes, fees, player donations, etc. could be made. These funds would be used for upgrades, upkeep, etc. Taxes alone don’t work, as some players will go outside the team’s region to avoid taxes and not provide their fair share to the team, which is where “fees” could be used as an alternative or addition to imposed taxes. The “fees” would automatically come out of each individual’s account at the end of each week and deposited into the Team Bank Account. Players who don’t earn enough to meet the minimums aren’t truly putting the team first and the Leadership can decide what to do about them. Me? I got out of Leadership because felt had 30/50 that truly got and understood what a team looked like and figured I start kicking 5 at a time and replace and hope 1/5 were of the same team mindset, may take awhile but eventually have 50/50 that truly put team needs over their own. Don’t know if that idealistic team in WD exists, maybe it’s Dread, if not, if it ever happens Dread will truly need to be watching their back. I was part of such a SDWT in real life and it’s an awesome experience.

I strongly am against a free storage system for players in Atlas. We have storages that can be raided for a reason.

No, just the opposite, players who are putting forth the effort to meet the needs of the team first won’t mind this concept at all, it allows them to easily monitor where they are. Slackers, not so much because it will become readily apparent as to who is milking the team for their own behalf.

Do slackers tick me off, you’re darn right and you can read my full take on the topic of vampire evolution in the forums if you so desire. Why? Because my previous team lost a lot of excellent “team” players because they got fed up “carrying” them.

Without getting too offtopic, while these features would be very helpful. Personally I want to have things be more combat oriented, and combat beneficial. While Economics Dragons might be fun, it is causing a huge amount of stagnation in Atlas currently.

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I am an accountant and while this would be my dream, it is not. All of this would be worth nothing if A.) people can’t mange it. If you know anything about managing accounts for 49 people without yourself included, it is a full time job. Especially if you are talking about managing more than one bank system. B.) I also agree with Red, making people feel comfortable with using the bank as their own personal savings account is not fair to the team. Gold is for building troops, and leveling primarchs not saving for a rainy day.

I do like the idea of extra tax after a certain amount of gold mined or looted. An extra 5 or 10 percent wont hurt :woman_shrugging:

If your banks are full then people aren’t doing what they are suppose to be doing and contributing to the team, new players are needed. I’ve complained time and time again we need more ways to get gold. Can I get a donation :hugs:

I actually have a problem with this for the reason that this punishes the people who are more active on the team, making their already lowered multiplier earnings even less for doing more work.

I would rather see a tax relief amount set, aka taxed at X% up to X million gold per week, then no taxes taken after that point. For an example, say that you are looking to have 2M from each person per week (100M for the team for 4 upgrades-ish) would be reasonable. So tax folks at 20% or 30% until they have had their 2M for the week taken off the top, then they are allowed to raid easier, save up for that primarch upgrade easier without being heavily taxed, and the more active they are the happier they will be.

Contrast this to someone who is taxed 20% for their first 2M gold per week and then tax is increased to 30%. Who in their right minds would keep raiding? It would be very discouraging if they had this on a daily or weekly basis and I’d quit the team to be honest. It’s not how a team should be run or managed finance wise.

Teams benefit from the ability to quickly and easily earn gold. The influx of gold allows for less people to potentially raid and steal your gold when saving, it helps to raid less to build troops. If you were to plan the first 2 days of the week to clear your gold allotment, then you would have access to way more gold for the remainder of the week, especially during event times.

We have taken it a step further on our team even and removed taxes all together. We require a donation of X gold per week instead, with any more being extras that we want to help out with. This allows players to play on their own schedule, do raids as they require and vary it by day, and to plan around events coming up. We can change the donation rate per week if we are in dire need of gold, and the team now (i hope) has learned to trust when the amount is shifted for new land opportunities or refinery upgrades or other good items that will immediately benefit the team.

Anyways i guess what i’m saying is that i’m against individualized banking, keep all of the resources as team resources and you will eventually be better off :+1:


This would be in a perfect world. There will always be the ones who don’t work for the team effort but their personal gains are worth having them on the team. Nobody is perfect, no team is perfect.

Taxing an extra 5% at the end when multiplier is done is only 300 gold pieces, (6000* 0.05=300 ,give or take).

Let’s flip the idea to make it positive then! Another way would be if primarch training is coming up you can allow you teammates to not be taxed on the first 4M. It can be a way to keep everything neutral but also let everyone contribute. Doing it this way everyone would be on equal footing instead of guesstimating how long it should take to reach 4M.

There could be many ways to use it, it doesn’t have to be a punishment,This wouldn’t be something that could work efficiently in all teams but like your example above, a team like that could then propose the 5% tax after paying no tax on “x”. If they are able to pre-plan and adjust the “x” factor. This will still let everyone have the flexibility to start or save until a certain amount and then start tax.

Just curious how long you have had Atlas for and what land your team owns currently.

From my experience, you need a TON of gold per week (in the order of 100M) and you can’t get that from a simple 10% tax on earnings after 4M gold per week. Your team will stop raiding at 4M gold mark and you will have zero gold economy to upgrade stuff.

Gather the requirements first, then give relief and benefits for those who have already done the work and contributed. As a reward. It will keep them progressing even faster btw as it doesn’t limit them to 4M gold per week which we both know would be where 90% of the players in this situation would stop.

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I’ve been in atlas for 6 months at-least and what land my team own has no effect to the idea. The reward was a flipped idea, “we will give you this then after you give us this” It was the instant gratification that I was encouraging. I know you need a ton of gold I was not saying to take 100% after 4 million now that wouldn’t be conducive to troop building and any other primarch training. I know sometimes when the need of one thing can supersede the need of another you make adjustments and being able to give a figure as suppose to a time was an even adjustment.

…“Gather the requirements first, then give relief and benefits for those who have already done the work and contributed. As a reward. It will keep them progressing even faster…”

I wholeheartly agree. For example my focus is in Atlas, gold, troops, etc. sometimes I wish I could buy wood and food with gold…lmao.

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