Upgraded Battle Cry- Broken? -4/08/2018

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Watch as I steam roll over these level 60s towers once the battle cry takes effect. Here are the runes I have equipped on ursa. Is this a glitch? Or did Battle Cry get a massive Buff?

Ursa OP!! He sucked anyways… you want him to be nothing but a fat bear again? :joy: I think PG added an extra 0 in the code of battle cry lol

This almost makes me want to pull Ursa out from the den and smash some max bases.

… Might want to report the bug to PG through the HelpDesk.

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Nevermind Ursa, i took down lvl 60 farms with a lvl 6 Kulan. 200k attck. Yes, the decimal point is in the wrong spot. However, lets not bring up an issue about an otherwise worthless spell because you know that PG will drop everything, ignore the tens of thousands of tickets they have backlogged, and focus on this instead. I have been sitting for 75 hours now waiting for the bonus egg tokens to take effect, this bug can wait it’s turn like the rest of us. :wink:


Just tried Evas with chunk. Unfortunately he didn’t make it… Lol

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