Upgraded perch issue



Upgraded a perch and now my game won’t stop with Sync error. Restarts every 19 seconds with no end in sight. Almost 24 hours and no technical support!

Game goes in to Sync-restart error when upgrading base
Can't upgrade Perch

Can someone from PG respond to this, please?
I can’t play the game


remove the dragon on your perch and try to do it again.

you can send a ticket to customer support so they can help you even further. but mostly upgrades that causes sync error came from the perched dragons with dragon rider buffs.


Upgrading perch removes dragon.
There is no dragon on perch

Game goes in to Sync-restart error when upgrading base

I have no dragons with riders on perch
I upgraded theperch. Issue began
Sent multiple messages for Tech support, no answer


Kenshi, if you can help I would be very grateful


best i can do is that your perched dragon might have a dragon rider before the upgrade. have you checked if you have any dragons missing from your account?

I think they might need to escalate your ticket since you did say you are getting sync error every 19 seconds or so. it might take time but im sure they can help you once they locate and fix it.


Kenshi, the drago did not have a ride.
I run into this with people at the tech support. I make an statement and somehow you guys don’t believe or read it.
No rider, normal performance, upgraded the perch, game went to hell
That simple


at most you will have to wait for them to reply back to you. guessing the queue must be high due to Grogg and other issues.


It is frustrating. I was doing the event and all.
I suggested to them to reset my account to before I upgraded the Perch. Again, no response


Kenshi, could you ask Hugin or Daniel to just reset my account to before I upgraded the perch from 36 to 37, please?
I just want to able to finish the event
I don’t think that is much to ask
Thank you


i am just a player >.< i only have game knowledge.


Lol. Ok you speak like you work for these guys
Never mind then


To any ACTUAL PG person monitoring the forum, could you contact me or relate my concerns to Hugin and Daniel


@OchKan, might want to tag PG - @PGDave - so they see this
Only suggestion I would have to try is when logging in, try and finish the perch asap before sync, c if that helps? I’m not saying it will help but speed it to finish if it’s not already… if nothing else, by trying that you won’t loose the timers if it doesn’t work and syncs back again


Hi Halley.
Trust me, I have done everything.
It is amazingly straight forward. I finish upgrading it with the speed ups and then he’ll.
After every restarts, it goes back to that point where the perch has the check mark, then reboots again. No rider, just so screwed up.

Thank you


@OchKan Thanks for reporting this. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I understand how frustrating it can be to be locked out of your game. We’ve added it to our todo list.

I took a quick look at the errors you’re experiencing. It appears our system believes your gamestate is broken – there’s a rider which claims to be attached to a dragon, but that dragon does not exist in your player data. We need to debug why this is happening and figure out how to fix it.

I see that you’re pinging this thread on an hourly basis. Just to set expectations, realistically the turnaround time won’t be anything like that. Even if we started working on this in the next 2 minutes, it will probably take us much longer to fix it. Last time I worked on a project like this, it took me multiple days to fix it properly and get it deployed to our production servers.


No one seems to be listening to my simple request
So I’m trying you because you seem to understand the issue with my account
I keep hearing from people repeating themselves and it is frustrating
First, my patient run out after 4 weeks of dealing with the still unresolved rider/Nydryr issue
It is now almost 8nweeks and still no resolution

My request right now us simple: please reset my account to just before I upgraded the perch from 36 to 37,
I am to at least be able to play and finish the event. I am just going to stay away from upgrading perches
I don’t use anybriders on perches since I invested a lot to use the defensive one

I hope this is a reasonable request

Thank you in advance


Hi OchKan.

I have finished the other items on my todo list and this is the top task I’m actively working on.

Unfortunately the problem is not related to upgrading a perch. Basically every time you upgrade any building, it will explode because your rider is referencing a dragon which does not exist. (The reason why these two things is connected is pretty complicated — it has to do with gear which expedites building timers which can be on riders which can be on dragons which can be on perches). I could roll back your account to before upgrade, but basically your account will be broken again as soon as you try touch anything at all which even sorta relates to riders (a huge portion of the game).

Obviously I wish this wasn’t happening at all and I wish this could be fixed for you more quickly. But unfortunately it’s not a quick fix to repair your broken gamestate. Having not yet figured out how this happened, I can’t tell you when it started so I don’t know what moment to roll the account back to. Unless you’re willing to do something blunt and extreme like “just roll the account all the way back to February”. There’s an exact moment in the past which your account did not have a broken gamestate, but the amount of work it would take me to figure out when that was the case is a similar timeframe for me to repair your gamestate. I think the best route is for me to repair the gamestate, so I can apply that same fix to other people who run into this issue in the future.

I will try to get this fixed as quickly as I know how.


Lets roll the account back to before I got the riders or at least before I placed the rider on Nydryr. That’s the only way
It is around the beginning of September
I know you guys are trying hard, and I acknowledge that.
The only thing I ask is that we make sure to put everything else back as it was on Friday October 20th
I worked so hard to get to where I am so I don’t want to lose any items I have invested on
Thank you


Ps. Please shoot me an email when you are ready so we can both work together to put my account where it should be
And yes, I won’t use that rider at all and Nydryr.