Upgrades being reversed?

@PGJared not sure this will getvlookedbat or what to do. But I’ve placed a ticket in this morning to which I have to get a 2nd response to…
When the fort event when live I started my upgrades and spent my timers. Was about to build enough to get my dragon den upgrade to level 38 so thatch can level my main two drags- Prospero and Gunner. I fed them got them level up toll theybwere both level locked until I bread Emeralds.
Upon closing the game and coming back later I noticed that all the upgrades I’ve done and the dragons I have levels and fed… have all been reversed. Upon submitting a ticket they place my tag as missing points… Not once did I mention points. My main concern was everything I had built was gone. The levels my drags had gone. I want it back. I dont have the timers to redo everything I upgraded already-AGAIN- and I shouldn’t have to redo those builds. I’ve received the points but i want the progress I made to show. Players see my acct at 182 yet mine shows 180. 🤷

I have a teammate experiencing the same issue for the last two days or so and still awaiting a relevent response. He opened a ticket about it and got a canned response about the quest bug. Its hard to actually help people when the tickets arent even being read.

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Its BS. Pure and simple.

I have the same issue. I had to rebuild a tower two levels and lost the timers. Yet support says everything looks good on their end. However, I maxed my dark flak at 77. They said I was refunded the timers and embers and lumber, yet I saw no timer increase in my bank. Or embers refunded.

It happens last fort, now i take ss

Been a battle to get here to post. I logged out of the game yesterday a 6pm Mountain time to drive home.
2 hours later I logged back in to the game. A blue mage I’d leveled to 39 was back to 38. I had maxed my mills and farms at lvl 39. I had hatched Necura and gotten him to lvl 2. Goda was put in incubator. I had been waiting to swap the dragon on my perches and had done so before heading home. They are back on the perches. I had attained lvl 147 but had reverted back to 146. Timers, wood and food out the window. Submitted a ticket and received auto response about Quest glitch. . . Really? Won’t even go into the attacks…had zero food and with boost on should have been protected but attacker showed a stealing 200k plus. During defend it still show my blue mage tower which was under construction. And 2 android updates this week. To say I’m unhappy is a totally understatement!!! So enough whining, I have team mates that need backup even if I can’t personally progress…….Fix IT! Please!

Stupid question, but are you folks sure the timers and resources are gone? I have gone through period where I get rolled back a lot, including when leveling at the start of last fort (or maybe two forts ago). In my case the timers and embers weren’t lost and the new level didn’t stick in any way. The wood was probably raided, but that’s easier to replace. It sucks royally – nothing makes me ask myself more why I bother playing this frustrating buggy game – but I think it’s a part of the whole sync error family of things where the app loses connection or doesn’t log some stuff to the servers for some reason. In that case the support folks may really not have any record because nothing made it to the servers. But if you lost/used timers or embers they should have a record of that.

Well they don’t see the upgrades I made, perch swaps, or the dragon I hat had and leveled. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and since Thursday evening when they release the 2nd Android update of the week now my battles go into slow motion.

Anyone else using same device and having issue? Let me know if I should start new tyread.

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