Upgrading building

why i cant upgrade the 2 buildings even i got an elite account? or i can’t upgrade 2 building with the same lumber u need? ex: blue mage need 700k + red mage 700k, i cant! but when i buy the elite account u said. , u can upgrade 2 buildings in one at time !

Probably your elite is expiring before the completion of the second tower.

nooo! even i extended it! i cant

It sounds like either you misunderstand what the feature grants or you’re getting an error, but you’re not describing it clearly.

I would guess that you’ve actually got two buildings upgrading, and you’ve just forgotten one on the den island or off in a corner.

Your mention of wood is confusing. You still have to spend the full resources for each building. The thing elite lets you do is let you start a second upgrade while one is already running; you can run the clock on two buildings simultaneously. It doesn’t affect wood or ember costs; it reduces wait time or timer cost.

It would help if you tell, what is the message that game shows you, when you are trying to start new building.

But likely it is either something like “You already constructing 2 buildings”, so you just need to find those 2 (it might be so that construction of one of the buildings is finished, but you still need to press :heavy_check_mark: on that tower, so you would be able to start new building), or kind of " Please extend Elite account" - if the building requires 40 days to build, and you had 5 days left on elite account - even if you buy 30 days more, it will not be enough to start new one.

So, assuming that you’ve checked that there are no 2 towers under construction, what is the error message you are receiving? How many days left for you elite account? How many days the new tower requires? And how many days left on the tower that is under construction now?

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i need to extend my elite accnt, that is the error i received and then when i extended it , i cant upgrade the 2 buildings with the same lumber needs, ex: blue mage 700k i upgrade it and the red mage needs also 700k but i cant ,

Do you have enough wood for the second tower?

not a 2x1…
it only allows you to have two buildings under construction…

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How much lumber can you hold?

yes i have enough woods, i can upgrade 2nd tower but not the same woods or sameness time ex: i upgrade the one is need 700k woods , i can upgrade the 2nd is only about 200k below,

i can hold 800+ woods

You need to have the lumber to upgrade BOTH towers. If you do, you can put both towers under construction at the same time.

Edit: So you would need 1.4 mil wood

yes of course , i did ! need the amount lumber needs , the problem is i can’t upgrade the 2nd tower! even i have enough wood for the 2nd or i extended it the elite, i can upgrade only lower tower .ex: level36 tower, i can’t upgrade tower same level36. i can build only level10 below

What message does it give you when you try?

i need to extend my elite account, and that’s what i did,

Probably not enough then. If that’s not the case, contact support

Did you extend by one week only?

even in a month , i tried it before , but it’s same , that’s why i’m not extended in a month again , just a week ,

How long does it take for your buildings? And how much elite do you have left? Screenshots would be appreciated