Upgrading Flak Towers

How many elemental embers does it take to get flak towers to lvl 30+?

I’ve only managed to get one dark flak to lvl 31 (current highest tower level) and want to know if it’s worth starting on a fire/ice flak for more damage or focus on my one. Saving enough embers is a major pain :relieved:

http://dragon-manager.com/building/elementalFlakDark (forum thread here)
then maths :smiley:

Edit: Oh, or mech’s fort planner for max lazy


Means you should focus on one only.


That is a depressing number of embers :neutral_face:… Thanks for the help though :v:t3:

I’ve been working on fixing my base mistakes that I only became aware of at lvl100 lol…
Right now at lvl132 my base damage is too weak but focusing on just the one does make sense :relieved:

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