Upgrading Forge?

I just upgraded my forge to level 6 a week ago and unlocked thunderstorm and intimidating roar. Apparently I can upgrade once more to level 7 but I don’t seem to unlock anything. What’s the point in upgrading it again? On Amoebas site it says min lvl 55 for level 6/7. I also saw this today which was kinda weird lol. This was for the speedup pack that costs 5.9k rubies.

There is no lvl 8 forge. You have a maxed forge congrats!!

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I asked support about that a week ago here is what I got:
We are so sorry for the confusion and you’re absolutely right as this level doesn’t exist for the Forge. Actually, the Super Speedup Pack was available in the past but the developers decided to let it aside. That being said, they didn’t completely remove it and they just made it unreachable for the moment. So this means it might come back in the future.

Support would be wrong.

The super speedup pack is available

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Well I guess they brought it back within the past few days

Support is wrong as @Gox1201 stated. The Super Speedup pack shows up frequently. I suspect that it disappears during PvP events but haven’t verified during every PvP that this happens. I know it’s there during fortification and breeding.

I see that my forge has the same disappearing pack…

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