Upgrading incubator

I need to upgrade my incubator, but it says to upgrade my builders hut first. My builders hut will not allow me to upgrade bc it requires more wood than I have the capacity to hold. And my storage won’t upgrade bc my builders hut isn’t high enough. What do I do?!

This should never happen. Can you tell us:

  • Your level
  • The level of your builder hut
  • The level of your storage
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Exactly what level are you? and levels of your buildings

It’s possible that there is a bit of confusion here with resource production.

Storage requires a minumum resource production per hour.

But Xexamedes and mechengg are probably right.

You may need to check on your research building and research lumber capacity. That may help.

Those only change your farm/mill capacity, not the storage. But also, builder hut costs are nowhere near max storage capacity if your storage is up to date, so most likely there’s something else missing. Like missing builder eggs blocking the hut, or underleveled farms/mills blocking the storage.

Ah yes… damn those underleveled farms😜

Perhaps upgrade his den.

You definitely can’t get blocked like this in the game. I think upgrading your mills first is the key.


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