Upgrading to level 86 towers takes 37 days!

This will practically freeze my ability to level up my base. Is this the intention? Is it worth playing that game after this level? Are there secret sources of timers I’m not aware of?

If your team has access to Atlas, there you’ll find lots of timers when you’re very active. Also research and rider benefits are a huge difference to get discount on upgade time. The best discount at this moment is -42% if you have all relevant research and Bjorn champion rider.


Many have their thoughts and strategy! I for one take 2 towers each fort from 1-85 and then merge into my higher towers and yes it becomes a sloooooow grind unless you drop money! best of luck!


So there is research that reduces your upgrade time and that’s very important to finish. There’s also defensive dragon riders that decrease build time and those are also very important.


Your next issue will become the egg tokens, you need a team with 25+ castles, and can maintain those in defence.
That means 30+ game-oholics are needed at least in a team to maintain that.
This is required to arrange befor you start breeding radiant tier.

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How do you think the rest of us do it ? Griiiiiiiiiind and be smart about rss management.

Bottom line if you are active you ll be fine, if you are a ‘casual player’ you ll definitely feel the progression slow down.

“Back in my days” we didnt even have this much discount to upgrade times :smiling_face_with_tear:

And no i wouldnt recommend merging unless very specific circumstances bc of xp hole


For real; the 37 days started at level 75’s :sob:

Yeah but also “back my day” there weren’t lvl 150 towers lol

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Dont forget the more and more becoming expensive tiers.

Always remember to upgrade the storage hut as well.

Just be glad for the huge discounts up to lvl 85 towers haha, its a catch up mechanic for new players and definitely was not around when most older-players were building those lvl towers

And yes, Atlas is a great extra source for timers and grinding events. Not sure your lvl but try to be on at least a saphire team, if you are active enough your lvl wont matter too much but you might struggle a little in Atlas with hitting higher lvl players


Thanks for good advice

I’m on a Plat 2 team that seems right for my level (471). It looks like Sapphire III teams all have players in the 500 to 650 range. So I’ve got a ways to go.

For 150s it takes 57 days ( without the - 24 from the riders )


I up upgraded it till 85 then expanded out but merging doesn’t really pay off. It may on wood towers, but not the others. And i notice time has reduced cost at 85 and below so what you think a merge should isn’t when combing 85 towers. Also expanded because unless you dont fort branch shards for ectroms and howitzer and turrets seem to be hard to get. Just thoughts and observations.

What rider gives that much off?

Bjorn rider almost maxed out can give 17% discount off on construction time


It’s Bjorn but you need him as a champion rider to get the 17% discount. Other than that it’s research and can add up to 42% in total.

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