Upgrading towers should be active not hidden

with the recent merge/transform towers change from pg, is it time to have towers that are upgrading still active on your base?
Many people now would not have any significant spare tower to upgrade without it having a potentially significant affect to your base…
Typically storage would be upgrading but then what? Do I upgrade a lower level tower not in your main kill? I have a mid-long base so I’d be taking one of the back half towers out of action and only have a shitty L27 storm as a cover space as I usually upgrade my L47 storm on the back 5. Main kill is at 72.
(And while they’re at it if pg could show the tower level info while a tower is upgrading that would be soo handy…)
Or do I just not re activate my elite next time it expires :man_shrugging:t3:

And please… just let us apply food/wood boosts while storage is upgrading…

off topic,


i don’t think pg will care much about you as you’re not dropping 4-digit $'s every month. :sweat_smile:

on topic, i really don’t know about this as this has always been this way and makes sense.

when there’s a building irl that’s being redone, rebuilt, redesigned, remodeled, the building’s closed down for the amount of time it needs… why should it be any different ig? :thinking:

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Because irl you can magically merge 2 buildings together straight away and lose 5% of the floor space too I guess… it’s well established that ‘irl’ examples and ‘in war dragons’ experiences are unrelated
Just because it’s always been that way means it should never change?

well, the same can’t be said for the exp losses, but sure for the merging.

if the owning company-or a richass person- decides to take down two buildings close-by and make a bigger building… :confused: the site will still be unavailable until the new building’s finished.

showing the level while upgrading would be nice tho… having it be a surprise is actually not so fun.


That’s kinda the penalty for upgrading your base and not using timers (aka potentially making PG money).

Yes, it would be nice to see the tower level that it is upgrading to, but making it so a tower that is actively being upgraded is still in play, probably never gonna happen. At most, maybe keep it active at say…50% of its strength before starting the upgrade. Let’s see how bad PG can screw that one up :smiling_imp:

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Towers under construction shouldn’t be hidden.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I just want to see the results

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Funny story about that. People (including myself) were pointing out how the Forge and Breeding Castle could still be used while upgrading in an attempt to change protection boosts so they could be used while the Storage is upgrading.

PG’s response: Close the Forge “loophole”.

Maybe part of fixing the economy can be to halt the milking of our timers for stupid purposes. GL with your request.


Yeh the breeding castle is annoying though you can still breed through the breeding event screen :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:t3:

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