Upgrading towers should be live at war

Hey guys aegmon here! I’ve been progressing really well with all your help and advices. Lately, I’ve been accepted to a platinum team and we’re very active at war (kinda new for me as I came from gold and we didn’t war that much). My concern is shouldn’t towers that you’re upgrading be available for war? For example upgrading major towers like dark flaks, it would give a huge advantage for the attacker. Can’t we just upgrade building without worrying that they won’t be available for war? :sweat_smile:

Store a tower and place it again - this forces the changes to go live.

EDIT: Jk poor reading skills. I disagree.


I would love it if my base had this advantage of upgrading towers to attack at their old level, but I can also say that this game has been played that upgrading towers don’t attack since I’ve been playing.

I think it comes down to strategy to get your defense towers upgraded during fortification and focus on builder hut, storage and other non defense towers outside of fortification.

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The tower is out of commission while upgrading… it should not be active.

That’s like taking your toilet out of your bathroom while you remodel, but still expecting to be able to take a poop in there.


Towers being upgraded should be inactive when u are attacked normally. But it should be live at your war base. I dnt want to upgrade my towers then jeopardizing my team at war. And since most active teams do war everday even multiple wars then I think they should put this in to consideration. Just as an example in CoC, you have war bases where all upgrading towers are live and u can even change ur base layout, but the only thing I’m suggesting is that the towers should be live.

Don’t upgrade critical towers without speeding them or have a tower you can put in and out of storage. I try and keep storage and other “base” buildings as only ones upgrading between fortification events

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Use better planning would be my suggestion.

I always start a storage cap level and a non essential tower build at the end of my fortification event. I get just below my goal then use these final two builds to push me into the achievement bracket I want.

Storage takes forever to upgrade and you can’t use production boosts with it upgrading so doing it at the end makes sense. It does not affect the defense of your base during the next month while you let it upgrade

Other good towers to upgrade are castles/incubators/forge/research and just let them run.

Save your most important towers as your first to upgrade during the next fort event, you will have the most wood at that point and they will be live for wars and the month between upgrades


I totally see where you’re coming from, but I disagree. The way it is currently encourages upgrading more strategically.


It is fine now. Towers under construction SHOULD NOT be active in any way.

This analogy is so right and so wrong at the same time, well done.

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There’s something called timers. Maybe you’ve heard of them? :roll_eyes:

That’s something new lol I didn’t know about those planning stuff hahaha. Guess I still do have more to learn. Thank you for the replies :blush:

No, I haven’t :thinking::joy:

I have played another game which follows this strategy!
When towers are under upgrade, its old level is there on the base intact. There was a major difference though, the war base and normal base were totally different.
If that was the case in this game as well, i would as well love your proposition. But we have only one base for all purposes here. So its a big NO NO.

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:joy::+1: haha nice

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Yep yep gonna do some base planning starting now :sweat_smile:

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