Upkeep Changes to broaden land ownership


Will a reminder be retroactively sent to teams whose upkeep has already expired? And can you let us know when the 24h countdown begins? :smiling_imp:


I’m worried about that too, @Atops, but figured we should see what happens in practice and then go from there. I’m eager to see what happens!

@forScience Yep, overdue notices were sent out to teams several hours ago (105 notices out of 1,279 continents). The grim reaper won’t come to collect for ~20hr more or so.


Is this true of 1 troop primarchs too? There was a recent change that let you attack the castle directly if your primarch has more troops. But does conquering it require all of the 1 troop primarchs to be gone?

I ask because I didn’t clear anyone out but someone I was attacking kept bringing back 1 troop primarchs and so I started attacking the castle. Lucky for them I ran out of my troop kill allowance and left shortly after.

But had I gotten the castle cleared, would conquer only be available with no primarchs? (Meaning you can indefinitely speed primarchs back and prevent conquering as long as 2+ people are online?)


You need to clear out the one troop Primarchs too. We’ll be adding a new Sapper/Bomber Primarch which can blow up small quantities of troops very quickly and easily to counter this desperate but sometimes effective strategy in the future.


Hmm. Hope to see more about this soon.


@PGDave i thought we where being given 24hrs they have already been taken off line


Let me help you look into that.
What are the coordinates? :wink:

I found it.
Did it revert to an “unowned” status and force you to recapture?
I’m curious. Did your infrastructure go into Storage, or just stop working?
It seems these are two separate issues.


you had 24h time before your team looses the castle completly. paying a upkeep not in time gave u always a 3d countdown till Infra starts working again


The less than 24 hours is when your infrastructure goes into storage, or is that after you guys pulled it out of storage? Expired upkeep is working the same way.


Hi Dave :wave:

So, for castles that we didn’t pay upkeeps it looks like we have to remove our troops or kill them in order to take the castles back…

This seems odd (and annoying) - can this be changed? We have very active players that each have contributed troops to all garrison. What a chore to have them all go to these castles to remove or kill. The killing part is a chore and a major deterrent to enemies having to kill that many bases is garrison but on this side of the equation it seems off.

Any ideas to make this playable and not a very cumbersome mechanic? Instant port to other castles? Or no need to remove/ kill in preciously owned castles?



Why not either not own it or pay the upkeep.

This seems like a fair trade for failing to pay. Don’t you think it should be painful?


Scouted several of these unowned lands, obviously only large the diamond teams are losing land. This is what I found.

  • The first has (still has) 38 players garrisoned, no Primes. We could have launched an assault, but what’s the point? They would defend, send reinforcement Primes, and call their allies. We left them to herd 38 cats off so they can re-claim, or not.
  • The next has (still has) 3 players garrisoned, no Primes, but there are 73k troops on one level 540 player. Again, who’s going to attack that? I’m sure they will move these three players and re-capture when they are ready, not a second sooner.
  • The last had just 7 troops. We attacked, they defended, we captured. However, since being alerted by the defense banner they immediately noticed that THEIR “unowned” land was under attack, and sent reinforcements to reclaimed the land. Without a cooldown, we held it all of 4 minutes, not long enough to bolster the garrison with teammates.

The only advantage here, is that the Fort bonus and Barakades are gone, but those are gone anywhen when the team doesn’t pay upkeep, so… this does nothing except, as @BAZ1NE points out, present a minor annoyance for the teams who didn’t pay their upkeep.


While I too found all
Of the land still can’t be owned because top teams won’t let you have it. (Odd since it should be worthless, they must be deriving value beyond intended mechanics)

I would say I disagree it’s doing nothing. It makes those troops vulnerable to rival teams and players of similar size.

Baz wanted the restrictions removed because it annoyed him/her. Likely because of losing out. That’s intended. That’s what disincentive looks like. It may need to be increased.

EDIT: I will also say that a lot land formerly owned by top 5 teams has changed hands. Unfortunately much of it seems to have gone to another top 5 team. I’m watching to see how t plays out.


Try looking for two chevron unowned territories where the team already has a large presence in the area; those as less likely to be backcapped, as those are least valuable to them. There’s no guarantee, of course, but it’s better than no territory. :see_no_evil:


Yeah I’ve tried a bunch of those. None have actually been possible to take. Several had a 500+ maxed harbs that instantly kills anything that moves in.

I haven’t tried any of the land locked ones yet.

Honestly I’m have trouble getting most of my team to plot a corse across the map. When we finally get there the conditions have changed.

I still see this as a mostly positive change. I’m seeing some teams just taking their old land back and I expect they don’t intend to pay still.

I see one of the big teams has suddenly acquired 20+ Level 2 territories formerly held by dread and NMO, and I wonder what that’s about. I’m curious to see what happens at the next eviction


Lol some peeps end up paying well in access of 40mil gold to buy the whole island. And some rent I guess.
Either way it dosent benefit the new teams much at all.
You’re either blackmailed into doing it or getting bullied and wiped out. So they gotta choose the lesser of two evils and pay rent money to stop the bullying😂
Very very fun atlas PG👍
I even know some folks took out of pocket money to pay bullies for their weekly rentals.
I think I would prefer my lvl 1s. Be wild & free . coz at the end of the day, WD is meant to be a free game.


Doesn’t work for me. Also sent a ticket #1019807 if you can take a look please.


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