Upkeep expiration and castle guard

If you get busy or atlas is down and upkeep expires, you lose ownership of the castle and your castle guard stays there.

So if you get to the castle before anyone else has, you cannot simply conquer it. You have to defeat your own castle guard. So if you had 400k guard there, you have to kill 400k of your own guard, plus lose a number of troops off your primarchs doing it. That’s a significant loss for forgetting to pay the electric bill. It seems an excessive punishment.

Here are some thoughts and suggestions:

  1. If there’s sufficient gold in the bank when the upkeep expires… just take it from there and email the officers.
  2. Allow the team to pay the late upkeep with a late fee and resume ownership without battle.
  3. If there must be a fight (I don’t think there should be, but if so), it should be against at most 10% of the guard. I cannot see 400k troops all fighting to the death because someone forgot to pay a bill. Especially if they show up with gold.
  4. Upkeep in general is a pain in the ass. Your lands don’t all come up for payment at the same time and you have to roam around checking them. How about a Kingdom Management Screen where upkeep dates/payments could all be managed from a single screen?

Upkeep shouldn’t be a pain in the rear to manage or a pain in the rear if one sneaks by you for whatever reason. I can imagine it’s a lot of effort for teams with 20, 30, 40+ lands.

Thanks for considering this.


Yes, Yes, One Thousand Times Yes!


You used to be able to pay upkeep late, but they took that away

I thought that when a castle upkeep had expired, all hired guards were automatically lost and the land reverted to empty?

Nope. We missed one, and had the pleasure of earning Glory (personal and team) back from our former guards.

Ouch, sorry to hear about that the hard way.

I did some quick maths at the time.
100k castle guards - converted to enemy
We expended ~30k personal troops to free the castle
So we earned ~22.5k Team Glory back on the original 100k.

We do get 24hr notice in mail before upkeep is due now but better management tools for multiple castles are sorely needed :see_no_evil:

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Correction: 130k.

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sounds like a good way to farm glory. I must tell my team leaders…

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Especially with that AI base being so hard!
We could do this and max out all our Primes!

pgEcho has been tentatively considering a change which would allow a large chunk of castle guards to be converted back into team glory if the castle is lost in this way (you’ll still lose something, but it won’t be as punishing).

A kingdom management screen sounds nice. I wonder if some of this functionality we should expose to players as “APIs” which developers in the community could build on top of … it could be interesting to see the community decide what to build / how to address some of these needs.

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everything on one screen would be nice like a dashboard to see all forts… RSS when upkeep is due and an option to pay from one screen. Maybe just improve on what we have already… using the bank to bank transfer page… it lists all banks already and RSS just add a few more columns? “Upkeep Due” “Pay Upkeep” maybe infrastructure levels? So we can see it all in one place.

It would be nice to be able to easily see each bank’s rss on one screen and send to whoever. Or deposit to whichever. Finding that one bank that has room for wood can be frustrating.

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